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  • You can see the list of subjects LearnMate offers here. From this page, you can see the subjects we offer - so be sure to write down subjects you can tutor for based on the list in this page. If a subject isn't there, let us know above, however, we'd prefer you add in subjects already in our search database.
  • You should aim to include 1) a friendly greeting, 2) all the subjects you tutor, 3) the study scores for each of your subjects (and ATAR if applicable), 4) when you graduated school, 5) why you tutor and how you can help the student. This should be around 100 - 200 words long. You can see a high-performing profile for some ideas on how to complete this section HERE.
  • You should aim to include 1) the general areas and locations where you tutor, 2) your hourly rates for individual and group lessons (if applicable), and 3) your general times and days when you're available to tutor. You should also aim to end on a friendly goodbye to your potential student. Ensure your hourly rate includes LearnMate's commission of 27.5%. Also be certain on how much you wish to charge your students as raising prices unknowingly for students is against our terms of service. Not sure how much to charge? Learn more HERE. You can see a high-performing profile for some ideas on how to complete this section HERE.
  • Upload a suitable profile picture here (preferably a square photo).

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LearnMate Tutoring – Update or Delete Your LearnMate Profile Now!