LearnMate Tutoring Unavailability Form


-> To register any TEMPORARY unavailability with LearnMate, please do that here: https://learnmate.teachworks.com/unavailable_instances/new

Alternatively, once you login to your LearnMate account, click on the ‘Calendar‘ tab at the top of the page and click on ‘Add Unavailability‘. Your profile will NOT be made public to customers anywhere on the LearnMate site until the end of your unavailability date.

Note: to REMOVE your temporary unavailability at a later date, please see the instruction here.


-> To register any PERMANENT unavailability with LearnMate, please do that here.


If you’d like to update the following key bits of info in your LearnMate profile, you can choose to update the following:
1. Location (if applicable)
2. Map markers (search page)
3. Subject changes (if applicable)
4. Costs (if applicable)
5. And any other life changes (e.g. course changes)

It’s important that we display accurate profiles to tutors to ensure correctness for customers. You can find your tutor profile here on the site: https://learnmate.com.au/search/

If you are needing to update any of these aspects of your profile, please do that here.

LearnMate Tutoring – Permanent and Temporary Unavailability