Unavailability and profile updates

Register your unavailability with Learnmate

Any profile marked as temporarily or permanently unavailable will no longer appear in search results on Learnmate. It will remain hidden until your unavailability expires or you request for your profile to be reinstated. You can update your profile here or let us know you want your profile reinstated earlier. To get started, please click one of the options.

Click to register temporary unavailability

To register a temporary unavailability (ie. you’re unavailable to tutor for a particular period of time and don’t wish to take on any new students during that time),

  1. Click here to login to your Learnmate account, then click on the ‘Calendar‘ tab at the top of the page and click on ‘Add Unavailability‘.
  2. DO NOT click on the ‘Repeat’ checkbox – just insert your unavailable dates into the ‘start’ and ‘end’ fields to not take on any new students.
  3. Click ‘Submit’ after you’ve filled out your dates you’re unavailable to take on any new students.
  4. Your profile will NOT be made public to customers anywhere on the Learnmate site until the end of your unavailability date.
  5. If you wish to delete your unavailability before the scheduled end date that you added above, do that here. Otherwise, after the scheduled end date you added above lapses, your profile will relist itself to customers on our site.
Click to register permanent unavailability

If you are permanently unavailable, you can elect to either:

  1. Continue tutoring: If you wish to register a permanent unavailability for any new customers but wish to continue with your current students, please do so here;
  2. Cease tutoring: If you wish to register a permanent unavailability for all customers, including ceasing tutoring any current students, please do so here. If you wish to cease tutoring current students, please provide your students notice in accordance with the Tutor T&Cs (and most importantly, ensure they have adequate time to find a replacement tutor and their studies are not disrupted).

Do you need to update your profile?

We ask that you review and update the following as soon as practicable should any of the following details change:

  1. Location(s) that you tutor (including online or where in person)
  2. Map markers (search page)
  3. Subject(s) or curriculums tutored
  4. Hourly rate(s) (ensuring the rates are accurate and there are no hidden fees)
  5. Your timetable and availability
  6. Contact phone number and email address
  7. Working with Children Check details
Click to update profile
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