Welcome to LearnMate Tutoring – Step 4

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ONLINE TUTORING IS VERY POPULAR IN 2020! We highly recommend you signup for our online training course below to get simple yet detailed info on how to tutor students online (especially if you’re new to it and especially in today’s educational climate!). See more info below.

STEP FOUR: Sign Up to the LearnMate Tutor Training Course!

Part of joining LearnMate is getting exclusive access to the LearnMate Tutor Training Course (with over 80 different modules to help you become an AMAZING tutor!). This course is seriously amazing and is the result of 5 years of compilation and creation. Being a tutor is sometimes quite difficult and having an online course that can help you with these issues is paramount.

Please signup to the online course now by clicking the link HERE. You’ll then be prompted to enter the password: q7yt1628

From here you’ll need to create a Udemy account for free (the platform we use to host the online course), and you’ll be able to access our amazing resources at anytime and on any device!


I understand that I will signup for free to the LearnMate Tutor Training Course, and will consult this course as much as possible to help in my tutoring. I also agree not to disseminate any of the contents without prior permission from LearnMate.

Welcome to LearnMate Tutoring – Step 4