Welcome to LearnMate Tutoring – Step 3

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Part of exceeding your expectations and providing a high level of service to our clients is the levy of a 27.5% commission on all hours worked on the site.

During your contractual agreement, you must not, without LearnMate Tutoring’s prior written consent: solicit or attempt to solicit any Client of LearnMate Tutoring with whom you had contact in the last 12 months of your employment for your own benefit or the benefit of a business or organisation in competition with the Business. We are strict on this policy as bypassing ultimately harms the company’s ability to continually support you and your clients. Without the commission, our provision of personal support and tutoring resources can become severely restricted and elementary. If you are unable to accept this agreement, then unfortunately we cannot place your profile on our website.

With the commission also comes PROTECTION of your payment. As we securely store our customers’ credit cards on file, you’re guaranteed to be paid when a lesson occurs, so you never have to worry about chasing up payments from students or parents! Not using our logging system is not only against our terms (and will result in termination), but you will no longer receive protection from unfair cancellations by students or nonpaying parents. You are also guaranteed to paid weekly via bank transfer.

Part of joining LearnMate is having access to transparent information about our costs, and this document helps to highlight this transparency. Please see an image below highlighting where the commission goes

By agreeing to these terms, you understand that you will use the LearnMate system to log your lessons with a 27.5% commission on all hours worked. You understand that not doing so is a violation of these rules as mentioned above, and any breach of these rules will result in immediate termination.

Welcome to LearnMate Tutoring – Step 3