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Welcome to Learnmate Tutoring - Step 3

Overview of Learnmate’s Systems, Requirements and Resources for Tutors

Click each drop down to see the relevant topic for our tutors. Please read through the information and action as required before proceeding to the final step.

Learnmate’s Commission and T&Cs

Tutors pay a flat 30% commission for lessons logged on Learnmate. After a lesson has been completed, you’ll receive the lesson payment, minus Learnmate’s commission. You can read more about Learnmate’s commission here, including where it goes and why it is payable.

All completed lessons must be logged in your Learnmate account as per the Tutor T&Cs. Only lessons logged through Learnmate receive support from Learnmate’s team and the protections provided by Learnmate’s payment guarantee and Cancellation Policy, which protect you against late cancellations and to ensure you are paid, even if the customer hasn’t. There’s no need for you to worry about chasing up payments or dealing with bad debts!

We recommend you read and understand the Tutor T&Cs in full before undertaking your first lesson so you are aware of your obligations as a tutor. That said, the below is a quick summary of some of the key terms we think you should know:


A flat 30% commission is payable by tutors to Learnmate for each lesson with a student who was introduced to a tutor by Learnmate. This is in consideration for Learnmate’s lead generation, administration and facilitation services.


Learnmate tutors are independent contractors who have freedom and sole right to determine their hourly rate, hours and days worked, when and how long they wish to be listed on Learnmate, and who, when and where they wish to provide tuition to. Tutors are not required to exclusively list themselves, tutor through or contract with Learnmate.

Minimum qualification

Tutors must meet certain minimum standards or qualifications from time to time including having achieved an ATAR of 85 or above, or be a qualified teacher with an accredited teaching qualification, or be approved by Learnmate to tutor at its discretion and possess a valid and unexpired Working With Children Check (or State/Territory equivalent).

Hourly rate

Tutors are free to determine and set their hourly rate, subject to the hourly rate being no less than $30 per hour. Various factors should be considered in setting your hourly rate to determine where you sit relative to ‘the market’ (i.e. other tutors). See our guide to help you determine your hourly rate. This guide is also provided as part of Tutor Training Course (see below).

Payment and payment collection

Tutors are requested to mark lessons as either ‘Attended’, ‘Missed’ or ‘Cancelled’ within 48 hours following the time of a scheduled lesson. If a lesson was marked as ‘Attended’, the customer’s nominated card will be automatically charged for the lesson.

Tutors are paid every Tuesday in respect of lessons marked as ‘Attended’ in the prior 7 calendar days. As per Learnmate’s Payment Guarantee, tutors are paid even if a customer hasn’t.


Deliberate bypassing of Learnmate’s systems, i.e. the request, solicitation or acceptance of engaging a student outside of Learnmate’s payment systems, calendar and/or online learning platform (i.e. using Zoom/Skype instead of Learnmate’s nominated platform) is considered a material contravention of a tutor’s T&Cs and may result in account termination.

Tutor Resources & Feedback

Learnmate provides various guides for tutors to use and refer to during their time with Learnmate. Our guides include information about how to organise and log a lesson on Learnmate, how to update your profile or submit your unavailability, how to organise and undertake online tutoring through Learnmate and other helpful information, including materials you may wish to incorporate into your tutoring lessons (such as a Welcome Sheet for new students, progress report and feedback templates). You can access these guides at any time by logging into your account at, heading to the ‘Profile’ tab at the top of the page and scrolling down to the ‘Shared Resources’ section.

Learnmate’s purpose is to provide the opportunity to anyone to better themselves, whether academically or professionally. A critical part of this is for both students and tutors to provide, receive and act upon feedback to continuously improve. Once you are underway with a student, make sure to download the student, tutor & parent evaluation form here. Providing this to your students and their parent(s) or guardian(s) will allow you to get feedback from your student about your tutoring lessons so you can continuously improve on what you do. It also provides you a format to give your student(s) feedback about their progress and keep their parent(s) or guardian(s) up to date on their academic progress.

Tutor Training Course

Among the many benefits of joining Learnmate is the exclusive access you receive to Learnmate’s Tutor Training Course. One of Learnmate’s values is to provide students with the ability to “Learn your way”. That is, whatever goal you’re working towards, or however you want to prepare, tutors can tailor their lessons to suit. Our Tutor Training Course provides the same opportunity to tutors; to learn about tutoring and train at your pace.  This course is the culmination of years of tutoring experience and is constantly being improved. The course can help you navigate many of the concerns, issues or queries you may have as a tutor as well as outlining some of the more pertinent matters you will or may need to attend to during your time as a tutor (such as setting your hourly rate, dealing with complaints or what your obligations are in relation to conducting yourself as a tutor with Learnmate).

Please signup to the online course prior to commencing tutoring by clicking the link here. You’ll then be prompted to enter the password: q7yt1628. We require that you finish the course before you commence tutoring.

South Australian tutors

Are you a tutor in South Australia? To work or volunteer in education in South Australia, tutors must do mandatory notification training as mentioned in step 1 of our induction series. Once you have received your certificate, or if you already have one, you can provide the relevant information required by Learnmate by filling in the web form here.

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