Refer a Tutor to LearnMate & Earn $15!

At LearnMate, we believe everyone should be granted the opportunity to excel in school. That's why we're rewarding you for referring a tutor to LearnMate, and with each approved referral we will give you $15!

Are you happy with the help LearnMate has provided you? Do you want your friends to have the same amazing experience?

Why refer a friend to LearnMate? It's simple. By referring a friend, we will credit you $15! This can be put towards coffee money at uni, or even towards a textbook.

Refer a Friend & Earn $15 Today!

So how does it all work? It's quite simple. Get your friend to fill out the form on the tutor registration page, with your full name as shown on LearnMate, typed in the ‘referral' field of the form. This way we know that you referred your friend to LearnMate, and we can credit your account with the $15.

Step One

Send your friend to our site:

Here your friend can fill out their contact details and other additional information. Make sure they type in your full name in the field as shown below:

Step Two

Once we interview and add your friend to the site, we will then credit your account with the $15.

Please note: you will only be credited with the $15 if your friend passes the screening and verification process, and successfully adds their profile to the site. When referring tutors to us, we request that you observe the requirements we have in place for all tutors:

To get started, simply send this link to your friends, or share below!

Terms and Conditions of this Offer: This offer is valid as of 20/10/17. Any referrals before this date are not valid for offer redemption. Offer is valid for as many confirmed referrals as possible. ‘Confirmed Referrals' means that the tutor has passed the screening and verification process, has been successfully interviewed and has their profile live on the searchable map. If the tutor is not employed, then this offer will be deemed invalid for that tutor referral. The $15 amount will be paid to you one week after the tutor has been employed. For this offer to be valid, the tutor must type in the referrer's full name in the appropriate field. This offer is not be used in conjunction with any other offer found on the site.

Refer a Tutor to LearnMate & Earn $15!