Term 2 – The Marathon – How to Succeed in Term 2!

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Term 2 – The Marathon – How to Succeed in Term 2!

Term 2 is a very busy term for Year 12 students, and for many, it can seem like a never-ending term.

Many assessments take place during this time, and at times it can get very stressful! Some of you may have 3 SACs in one week and might be thinking how can I possibly pull through that.

However, if you plan ahead then you should be able to pull of this term still in one piece.

Here are some of my tips on how you can successfully tackle Term 2:

  • Keep a diary and make sure that you use it:

A diary is an excellent way to keep yourself organised. Whether that be the old-fashioned paper diary or the diary on your phones and computers, having a diary will be a lifesaver. A diary will allow you to write down when your next SACs are, and this will allow you to plan your time accordingly so that you can allocate enough time to revise for the SAC without putting your other subjects and commitments aside.

  • Use your free study periods at school to study:

There are only 24 hours a day and you can only do so much each day. Most of you would have free study periods somewhere in your timetable, and this is the perfect time to get some revision or catch up done. Its ok to spend some time with your friends talking in these periods, however, your better off using this time to study. This will free up some of your time during the week, which you can use to do other things e.g. play sports or head to the gym.

  • Seek help early on:

If you find yourself not understanding a particular topic, get help early. Go and see your teacher and ask them to clarify certain concepts that you don’t understand before your SAC. We all know that when it gets closer to a SAC a lot of students will have a lot of questions to ask their teacher. Therefore, if you get your questions sorted before then, you won’t need to encounter that mass influx of students to the teacher’s office a day before the SAC!

  • Have some time out:

Remember to take some time off from studying every now and again. Term 2 is a busy term and can be very stressful. Taking some time off studying will help you destress, and stop you from burning out. You can go out to play some sports, go to the gym, go for a swim or binge on some Netflix. Just make sure that you take some time to look after your mental and physical health, and do things that you enjoy.

Happy studying and good luck. ☺

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Term 2 – The Marathon – How to Succeed in Term 2!

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