VCE Chemistry – Tackling the Chemistry Exam

This article has been written by Henry Ja, a Chemistry tutor at LearnMate. If you’re interested in private tutoring from Henry, then please check out his page here.

Tackling the VCE Chemistry Exam

While people in the United States are preparing for what people are calling the closest presidential election ever, you will be sitting in a room at 9 am on Tuesday 8th November completing your final Chemistry assessment.

As you would know the exam is 2.5hrs with 15mins reading time. That may not seem to be a lot of time but if you allocate your time accordingly there should be enough time for you to complete the paper.

Here are my tips on how you should approach the exam. Remember this is just one way to go about it, and if you already have a set routine that works for you then go for it!

  1. Reading Time: Make sure that you use this time wisely. Spend 5-10 mins reading the paper to get a feel on what questions are being presented to you. With the last 5 mins, I would use that time to attempt the first few multiple-choice questions – they are generally the easy ones and if you can get a few done in your head then you will have saved some time.
  2. Read questions carefully: Ensure that you take your time to read each question carefully. Highlight any keywords, numbers etc… All the information that you need will be in the question… so you need to read.
  3. From 2013 onwards, VCAA has been putting experimental type questions as the last short-answer question. Make sure that you leave enough time to attempt this question. It requires you to read carefully and think about your answers carefully. Have a read of the type of questions you could get from past VCAA exams.
  4. Specific answers: When answering short-answer questions make sure that your answers are specific. Don’t give any general answer and make sure that you relate your answer to the context of the question.
  5. Stay calm: If you come across a question that you don’t know, don’t panic! Leave it and do another question and come back to it later on – make sure that you remember to come back to it!
  6. Stuck on a multiple-choice question? Just guess and move on. You can make a mark next to the question, and come back to it if you have time in the end. If you are spending 10 mins on a multiple-choice question that is a waste of time.

You have been working hard all year to get to this point, and this is your chance to show the examiners that you know your stuff and will be able to tackle anything they put in front of you.

Good Luck! ☺

This article has been written by Henry Ja, a Chemistry tutor at LearnMate. If you’re interested in private tutoring from Henry, then please check out his page here.

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VCE Chemistry – Tackling the Chemistry Exam

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