What are the Best Study Apps for On-the-Go?

What are the Best Study Apps for On-the-Go?

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In today’s technology-adapted world, there is an endless variety of apps available to individuals for almost any purpose imaginable. Students in particular are highly reliant on a range of apps for their everyday life, as they are the most tech-savvy generation to date. There are over 80,000 educational apps available to both teachers and students for a range of different purposes including organisational tools, study skill builders and lifestyle enhancers for use during exam preparation. Below are 5 of the best study apps currently available for use by students.


Evernote is an organisational tool designed to allow students to effectively put all of their notes together in one place. Using this app, students can compile their notes, to-do-lists, memos, images and webpages in an ordered and systematic way to avoid chaos and confusion later on. As every student’s preference for organisation varies, Evernote accounts for this as they offer a wide range of organisational functions for students to choose from. For example, some students may have a preference for handwritten notes, whilst others may prefer typed notes. Hence, Evernote includes functions to store both within the app, as students can upload images of their written notes or Word documents and PDFs for their typed files, which can then be accessed on hand at any time. The simple layout and ease of navigation of Evernote makes getting organised an achievable task for all students.

StudyBlue Flashcards and Quizzes

StudyBlue is an educational app that uses flashcards and quizzes to enhance study skills and content retention in students. Flashcards have been proven as an effective revision aid, that particularly assists with the retention of terminology and definitions. This study method is a great option for on-the-go study, for example on the train or bus commute to and from school. One of the best benefits of StudyBlue is not only can students create and customize their own flashcards, the app also offers over 500 million user-made flash cards, made available for all users to practice with. The customization features of StudyBlue flashcards allow for the incorporation of text, images and audio, addressing the wide range of study preferences across different students. Another great feature of the app is the results-tracker, allowing students to monitor their progress, identify areas to focus on and hopefully see improvements over time.


Headspace is a popular meditation app that can be used by students for the purpose of relaxation and mindfulness during study breaks. Stress reduction for students during exam periods is absolutely critical, not only important for maintaining good mental health, but also for improving the quality of work students produce and their overall performance in exams. Meditation is a proven method of stress reduction and is made easy through the Headspace app, regardless of a student’s experience level with mediating. Headspace has a large range of short courses to assist with the various needs of students during high stress periods, with examples including the sleep course and the productivity course. The use of Headspace will in turn help students relax, breathe and take a moment to themselves before returning back to study with a fresh mind.


Studious is a schedule planning app that assists students with the organisation of their class timetables and important study dates. In today’s digital world, student’s may not effectively use and follow their written planners or calendars. Hence, Studious offers an alternative to this, as the app-based planner allows students to schedule all of their timetabled classes and important study dates on their electronic devices instead. This also ensures students always have access to a log of their study commitments when they are on the go. When using Studious, students are notified of their assessment due dates and sent reminders when exams are approaching. The app even contains the function to automatically silence a student’s phone when scheduled to do so, minimising the chance of distractions.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular app amongst high school students, used for the enhancement of knowledge and content based on the syllabus. The app provides a countless range of step-by-step videos, covering the vast majority of subjects and their subsequent modules. These videos can be effective for the general revision of topics, alongside further refinement of more complicated topics. This is beneficial to students as it is often effective to receive explanations from different sources and perspectives when learning a new concept. Khan Academy provides assistance with explanations of concepts that students may find particularly difficult to grasp, as students are able to pause and resume videos to effectively understand explanations at their own pace. Hence, the Khan Academy app provides students with an accessible, on-the-go option for active learning.

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What are the Best Study Apps for On-the-Go?