So You Got Great Results – Should You Become A Tutor?

So You Got Great Results – Should You Become A Tutor?

This article has been written by Lydia McClelland, a VCE French, Music Theory, Literature & VCE English Tutor at Learnmate. If you’re interested in private tutoring from Lydia then please check out her page here.

With the recent release of VCE results, as well as results from other states around Australia, it may be natural to wonder about the possibility of becoming a tutor after high school. Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of tutoring, as well as the process of becoming a tutor.

Why tutoring may not be for you

Tutoring is really hard work. Even though the pay seems good compared to other student jobs, it often involves work out of hours preparing lesson plans, correcting students’ work (if you agree to do this) and keeping up to date with administrative matters. You need to genuinely want to help students to be a good tutor; in addition to this, your students won’t keep coming back if you aren’t doing a good job.

Why you should consider tutoring

Tutoring is an amazing job straight out of high-school – take it from me! I’d never considered the possibility of tutoring until I was happily surprised by my results and began seriously considering the option.

I began advertising as a private tutor through social media. Very slowly, I gained as many students as I could tutor. It was tough setting up everything on my own, especially as someone who had never had a tutor through high-school, and I worked really hard in this first year to set up documents for my students and create resources I could use in the future.

After one year of private tutoring, I joined LearnMate, which was a great move – LearnMate took all the trouble out of finding students, so I could focus more upon working with students and creating resources.

Tutoring is a very flexible job which you can organise around your other interests. On top of this, you should consider tutoring because it is an incredibly rewarding job. Helping students realise their dreams is an amazing feeling. Ultimately, you should only tutor if you really want to – if you choose this path, be ready for hard work and great rewards!

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So You Got Great Results – Should You Become A Tutor?