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Maitrey S. Years 7 - 12 Biology, Chemistry, Methods & Physics

Hey! I'm Maitrey, a Years 7 - 12, SACE Biology, Chemistry & Methods/Specialist & SACE Physics tutor (99.5 ATAR), & I'm eager to help you reach your potential in the VCE!

Ben P. Accounting, Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Hi there! I'm Ben, a SACE Accounting (19.8), Biology (19.6), Chemistry (19.2) & VCE Physics tutor (19.6) & I'm here to help you accomplish your best with support from a recent graduate who achieved an ATAR of 99.7!

George A. Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Chemistry & Physics

Hi! I'm George, a SACE Methods (19.2), Specialist Maths (18.8), Chemistry (18.6) & Physics tutor (18.2) and my students consistently receive high grades.

Ann K. Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, General Maths, Essential Maths, Chemistry & Biology

Hi! I'm Ann, a SACE Methods, Specialist Maths, General Maths, Biology & SACE Chemistry tutor, and my main goal is to help you achieve your dreams.

Olivia A Years 7-10, SACE Physics and SACE Maths Tutor

Hi, I’m Olivia, a hard working SACE Physics (19.8) and Maths Methods (19.2) Tutor who enjoys helping students understand their difficult topics to reach their full potential.

Lachlan H. Maths Methods, Specialist Maths & Physics

I'm Lachlan, a SACE Methods (19.8), Specialist Maths & SACE Physics tutor (99.95 ATAR), & I'll ensure you're confident when it comes to exams!

Antonia T Years 7 - 10 Maths, Science, SACE Maths Methods, SACE Specialist Maths, SACE Chemistry and SACE Physics Tutor

Hey! I'm Antonia, a Years 7 - 12, SACE Chemistry (19.2), Physics (19.2), Methods (19.2) & Specialist Maths tutor (18.0), and I'm eager to help you reach your full potential!

Ken B. Maths, Chemistry & Physics

Hi there! I'm Ken, a SACE Maths, Chemistry & SACE Physics tutor, & I love a tutoring and helping others to have eureka moments!

Meera D Year 10 Maths, Science, SACE General Maths, SACE Specialist Maths, SACE Maths Methods and SACE Physics Tutor

Hey there! I’m Meera, a fun loving and hard working tutor, and I'm here to help you with Year 10 Maths, Science, SACE General Maths, SACE Specialist Maths, SACE Maths Methods and SACE Physics (91).

What is Physics?

Physics is the branch of science, which deals with the properties of matter and emery and the relationship between them. It also tries to explain the material world and the natural phenomena of the universe. The scope of physics is very wide and vast. It deals with not only the tinniest particles of atoms, but it also dwells upon natural phenomenon like galaxy, milky way, solar and lunar eclipse etc.

Physics is based on mathematics and traditionally includes mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism, acoustics, and heat. Modern physics, based on quantum theory, includes atomic, nuclear, particle, and solid-state studies. It can also embrace applied fields such as geophysics and meteorology.

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Ben Potter
22:31 07 Oct 18
Excellent tutor; online system works well.
Company123 Support
02:07 13 Sep 18
Highly efficient and experienced organisationBest service
boris boris.garber10
02:05 13 Sep 18
Excellent service. Highly recommrnd
Andrew Watkins
04:28 01 Jul 18
Our tutor Megan is always on time to start with. She has worked with our (3) eldest children, being in Grade 6, Year 8 & 9 respectively. Megan has assisted our eldest with her maths 'blockage' to rise from a D grade in late Year 8 to achieving Bs and As mid way thru Year 9.
Terry and Sara Hogan
07:19 18 May 18
Easy search to find an excellent tutor - great service and reasonably priced
Henry Ja
07:29 12 May 18
Great service and high quality tutors. Staff are always on hand to help with any issues. Highly recommend using LearnMate if you are looking for tutors to help you improve your learning or get to the next level!
Cecilia Tonisson
05:54 12 May 18
Two tutors from LearnMate are tutoring my son. My son seems very happy with his tutors. I recommend LearnMate.
Irene Jones
21:45 23 Mar 18
The tutor that I have fromlearn mate is very professional, knowledge , approachable , professional and courteous
Cath Roche
12:48 22 Mar 18
Exellent tutor, so helpful in explaining the school topics and studying for exams ,very pleased to recommend !!:)
Manish Baheti
03:47 06 Mar 18
Good quality tutoring. Highly recommend using their services. Also very good use of technology to ease the operational aspects like class reminders, payments and invoices.
Laura McLean
02:02 16 Feb 18
We are very happy with the tutor's knowledge, ability to explain a concept and teach and the enthusiasm. Having discovered Learn Mate I would always choose to use them in the future over other companies.
Leslie Lawrence
09:28 09 Feb 18
We had an amazing tutor (Christine Zhong) come to our home and helped my daughter to understand some complicated material. She was passionate about getting her to understand the material and was very easy for my daughter to relate to. I was so thankful that LearnMate’s fees are so reasonable and I am now able to afford ongoing tutoring for her. They also have discount packages.
Costa Vasili
21:56 18 Jan 18
Excellent, well run tutoring agency with very high standards expected of all tutors. Certainly helping many young Australians succeed in their studies.
Violet Sattari
05:41 12 Jan 18
Great team who really prioritize the success of students!
Marjo Winskog
22:45 13 Nov 17
Needed quick help just a few days before my son's exams, contacted Learnmate. We got immediately response. Same day in just few hours, everything was arranged, we had a tutor next day. Our tutor was professional, polite, kind and have the knowledge about how to do the tutoring and to get my son interested and listen to him. I can highly recommend this service.
Kerry Dawson
03:08 06 Nov 17
LearnMate is an incredible service. Exceptional customer service on every level. Our math tutor was outstanding. Not only as a tutor but also a mentor. Thank you LearnMate.
Stephen Esketzis
03:20 16 Oct 17
Probably the best tutoring service on the market. Looked up a tutor and within 3 hours I was confirmed with that tutor I wanted and had a booking for the very next day. Made life so much easier, and cheaper as well with direct debit and not having to line the pockets of the "big" tutoring centres. A+ experience with LearnMate
Anand N
11:55 12 Oct 17
Very professional Teacher. Have been wasting time and money last 4 years in the Tuition Centres. Just used Learnmate Tutor one to one and found that the system is very efficient, tutor is highly knowledgeable and our child is so happy to go for the lessons unlike earlier our child never interested to go for tuition centre. Hats off to LearnMate Tutoring
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