Be Rewarded for Spreading the Love!

At LearnMate, we believe everyone should be granted the opportunity to excel in school. That’s why we’ve launched a new referral program to allow tutors to send students to LearnMate, and be rewarded at the same time!

So how does it all work? It’s quite simple. For our loyal tutors, we provide a $30 cash bonus to your account for your next paycheque. So when payday comes round, you’ll be paid $30 into your account. There’s also no limit of how many friends/students you can refer – the more you refer, the more you get rewarded.

Refer a student to LearnMate and we’ll do all the hard work in finding them someone amazing!

Private Student Referral

Do you happen to tutor students outside of the LearnMate network? Many of our tutors in fact do, and we encourage it! If you have a private student who needs help in another subject that you don't tutor yourself, then why not refer them back to LearnMate for us to find them someone.

Friends & Family

Most of us know friends or family who are currently completing Year 11 or Year 12 students, and most of us would know someone who is after a tutor. If this is the case, why not refer them to LearnMate so they can get help from one of your fellow LearnMate tutors?

Surplus Students

Is your schedule already packed and can't take on any more students, yet you're still getting private requests? Rather than let that student not receive the help they're after, refer their contact details to LearnMate and we'll find them someone to help who is more available 🙂

Step One

Fill out the form below with your friend or student’s details such as their full name and email and/or mobile number. You can also choose to add a small message to us.

Step Two

LearnMate will then get onto contacting them to discuss their tutoring needs, and provide them with tutor recommendations for them to investigate.

Step Three

Once we connect your friend or student with a desired tutor, we will then issue a $30 cash bonus to your account – to be paid the following payday 🙂

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Our system keeps track of all referrals and ensures you are accurately paid when we connect your referral to one of our amazing tutors! We will send you an email when your $30 cash bonus (per student) has been paid to you.

Philanthropic Tutoring

LearnMate proudly provides philanthropic tutoring to seriously ill children for Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia.

8,000+ Students

Since our inception in early 2015, LearnMate has successfully helped over 8,000 students nationwide (through in-person and online tutoring) achieve success in their studies!

80,000+ Hours of Tutoring

Our tutors have proudly conducted over 80,000 hours of in-person or online tutoring lessons - that's the same as over 4.8 million minutes straight of tutoring!

1000 In-Person & Online Tutors

With over 1000 tutors and the largest network in Australia, you can get instantly connected to any primary or high school tutor for in-person or online lessons today!

Terms and Conditions of this Offer: This offer is valid as of 22/5/17. Any referrals before this date are not valid. Offer is only valid for one $20 cash to be applied to the referring tutor’s account upon successful connection of a tutor to the student. If a referred student is not connected to a tutor, then this offer will be deemed invalid. For this offer to be valid, the referrer (you) must provide the requested contact details above, and this provision of information is deemed to be accurate upon submission. Our system keeps track of all referrals and ensures you are accurately paid when we connect your referral to one of the tutors. An email will be sent when the cash bonus has been paid to your account. This offer is not be used in conjunction with any other offer found on the site.

Be Rewarded for Spreading the Love – LearnMate Tutors