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“The videos are fantastic! They are probably the only thing that helped me pass my methods end of year exam.

Giorgina, Student

Highly qualified educator

Hi, I’m Alex! I’m the creator of these tutorials and I’m here to help you through VCE! I’ve educated students for many years, have degrees in Mathematics/Astrophysics and I’m on a mission to help every Maths Methods student understand the fundamentals. Why the fundamentals? Because a student who truly knows the fundamentals can solve any problem, even if it takes them a while to do so.

I spent thousands of hours researching and breaking down the hidden barriers that educators and students were totally unaware of in the past: The true meaning of all the terminology, the missing steps needed to understand the basic concepts and a revolutionary way to visualise the simplicity of the subject with never-before utilised animations and pictures. Students understood topics quicker, became less stressed and could concentrate on their schoolwork more effectively. I now have hundreds of students, teachers and schools using our resources, and the feedback has been astounding. Watch the video below and see for yourself!

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Students love these tutorials

Thank you for putting them together!

I have been watching the videos frequently, usually after a maths lesson. This really helps to solidify my knowledge and make clear the concepts taught that day. Again, thanks for all your help, the videos are fabulous. PS I love the cartoon drawings!!

Gemma, Student

I really like your videos, they are really helpful 🙂
I’ve only recently started watching so I will give you some proper feedback later. So far the videos are good because they have information that I don’t learn in class like meanings of words and drawings and jokes to help to explain stuff that can be hard to understand straight away. I like watching your videos to help understand something I have just learned in class or to see a possibly different way to work something out. I also have printed out a lot of the ultimate maths methods overview pages and stuck parts into my notes book.

Ruby, Student

I was thrilled to see the videos

Maths is often way too focused on examples and answers, when it is understanding and making meaning of ideas that really empowers students. I was thrilled to see the videos that Alex Bell put together, they are informative, highly visual and super engaging! They offer students who can’t access the content an alternate entry point, while also being valuable for more capable students who would benefit from a deeper understanding of the ideas behind the skills they are carrying out.

Dr Taylor, Head of Maths

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VCE Maths Methods in 2.5 hours