Reliability policy
  • If you can’t take on a student for the medium to long term, then you must not accept the request from the student.
  • If in the case a valid reason occurs such as severe personal issues, or extended period of absence (such as an exchange) or increased pressures from study, then the tutor must supply a notice period of at least 2 weeks via email to and continue tutoring in the meantime. 
  • In return for your good work with your student, Learnmate can provide you with a positive professional reference to future employers. This however will only be granted based on your performance with your student.

Learnmate has a reliability policy in place to ensure that all tutors and students are treated fairly. 

This reliability policy aims to eradicate the issue of tutors leaving their students either after the first lesson with a new student, or after a few lessons, or after a large number of lessons: without a truly valid reason. Being ‘busy with exams’ or ‘having too much on your plate’ is not a valid excuse for leaving a student at such short notice. When a tutor begins with a student, this is a commitment to their success in their studies.

When a tutor begins with a student, this is a commitment to their success, and so the tutor must be aware of their own capabilities and should they doubt their ability to take on a student, then this must be verbalised to Learnmate before taking on the student. However, it must be noted that Learnmate strictly requires tutors to commit to a minimum of 3 hours per week. This awareness of capabilities will ensure that Learnmate can find a suitable tutor for them before commencement of first lesson.

In rare circumstances we will accept an immediate termination of lessons (so lessons can halt immediately), but this must be verbalised to Learnmate first with a valid reason for termination. 

Finally, with respect to the mode of tutoring (either in-person or online), if you wish to switch modes (e.g. from in-person to online lessons), or if a student wishes to switch modes of tutoring, then both parties (student and tutor) must agree to such a transition. A forced transition of tutoring mode must not be imposed on the student without their consent.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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