Refocusing after the Summer break

Refocusing after the Summer break

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With one term of their HSC year in the bag, many year-12 students are feeling accomplished and on a roll towards the end of December. Then, all of a sudden, this can be majorly disrupted by the lengthy Summer break ahead.

It’s finally time for students to enjoy a well-deserved holiday, hanging out at the beach with friends, watching Netflix and taking the time out to relax. However, this long period of down time can create an extremely difficult challenge for students returning back to school, turning their holiday mode switch off and study mode switch back on.

Refocusing after the Summer break is essential due to the importance of launching into the HSC with the best start possible, and there are several strategies students can undertake to ensure their transition is successful.

Get Organized

In order to avoid a rude shock upon arrival back to school, students should get organized as early as possible. Noting down key dates onto a wall calendar is a great start for students to become familiar with their workload for the term ahead. This includes recording due dates for assessments and exam periods, in order to allow for adequate preparation leading up to busy periods and minimize feeling overwhelmed.

Students should also set their own deadlines for more general HSC work, such as finishing syllabus notes 1-2 weeks in advance of exams. Allocating days of the week to certain subjects is also a great strategy that ensures study sessions are arranged in a way to cover all areas sufficiently.

Ensuring your Study Environment Looks the Part

A great activity for students resuming the school year is to reorganize their study space, which is often used as a recreational space over the holidays.

The first step is to remove all distractions from the area such as technology, books and games. Devices such as mobile phones can be replaced with digital clocks for students to keep track of the time. Having pre-prepared study snacks close by is also an effective way to avoid the need for multiple trips to the kitchen which often leads to students procrastinating.

Neatly organized study areas are advantageous over messy, disorganized work spaces which often contribute to the feelings of stress and confusion.

Incentivise Yourself

Creating incentives to work harder for things to look forward to is an excellent strategy for students transitioning out of holiday mode. These incentives can be as simple as organising to get breakfast with friends or playing sports on the weekends, which is also essential for student’s mental and physical well-being.

Realistic goals should be set for students to achieve before rewarding themselves with fun activities, such as finishing ‘x’ number of syllabus notes or completing ‘x’ number of words of an essay. This ensures they can thoroughly enjoy these times without the burden of uncompleted work in the back of their minds.


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Refocusing after the Summer break