Payment policy

By registering to become a tutor with Learnmate, you agree that the following terms and conditions will govern all payments made to you by students through the Learnmate system. By registering to become a student with Learnmate, you agree that the following terms and conditions will govern all payments made to Learnmate by you.

Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for student lessons

Learnmate is a marketplace for those seeking tutoring services to connect with those seeking to provide tutoring services. Learnmate also provides a pass-through payment processing service to its users, meaning that payments distributed to tutors originate from their students. Learnmate offers tutors a layer of protection in the collection of their funds but, if any of the following conditions are not met and Learnmate becomes unable to collect your payment from the parent or student, then Learnmate cannot guarantee that your payment will be successfully collected, processed and distributed to you. Ensure you observe the following terms and conditions at all times:

  1. a) The information pertaining to the lesson is accurate. This includes the start and end time, duration, subject and student account name. Unless otherwise agreed to by the tutor and student, the start and end time will be considered to be the times of the actual tutoring lesson, not arrival and departure times to and from the tutoring location.
  2. b) Prior to each lesson being given, the student has on file with Learnmate a valid form of credit/debit card. The tutor can view the status of the student’s payment information through the tutor’s Learnmate account. The requirement to verify payment information must be followed for continuing students as well as new students. Learnmate ensures that students and parents understand the placement of a credit/debit card on file with Learnmate.
  3. c) The lesson is delivered in-person at a mutually agreed upon location. If the lesson is delivered remotely through another medium, such as via the internet, email, telephone or Skype, or in the instance when the tutor does proofreading or other asynchronous, non-tutoring work with the student, the tutor must obtain written confirmation from the student to the tutor’s Learnmate email address that acknowledges the nature of the work to be done and the expectations of the time and cost required to complete the work.
  4. d) The tutor’s services are instructive and constitute learning, not cheating. More specifically, the tutor is not to complete assignments, write papers, take quizzes or otherwise do work on the student’s behalf. Further, the services that the tutor offers must not violate the academic honesty policy or other conduct policies of the student’s school, university, academic institution or workplace.
  5. e) The tutor enters the lesson into the Learnmate system. Lessons cannot be submitted more than thirty-one (31) days after the date of the lesson.
  6. f) The tutor does not collect or request payment directly from the student by cash, cheque or otherwise, for the lesson
  7. g) The tutor is over 18 years old and is eligible to work in Australia.

Automatic Payment (Required for New Customers):

Our customers choose automatic credit or debit card processing for the lessons with their tutor.

We will take care of the invoice payment by automatically charging the nominated debit/credit card 48 hours after the lesson is completed by your tutor. You will never be charged until after a lesson is completed – simply set and forget and we will take care of the payment. An email notification will be sent to you once payment has been charged on your card.

Your credit card will ONLY be charged if the tutor marks the lesson as ‘attended’ in our system, otherwise the card will not be charged, and you will not be invoiced, giving you assurance that charges will only occur if the lesson does in fact happen.

To activate auto payment:

  1. Simply click here to login into your online account.
  2. Go to the ‘Billing’ tab at the top of the page, and click on ‘Credit Cards’.
  3. You’ll then be able to add a nominated credit card or debit card securely from there. If you need help, please contact us here.

We accept Visa, Master and AMEX. Payments are processed securely and safely through Stripe, one of the world’s trusted and most secure online payment processors.

What are the benefits for you?

  1. There’s no need to manually pay invoices saving you much needed time.
  2. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay your tutor every again.
  3. Your credit card will only be charged after the lesson occurs.
  4. You will be able to keep track of all of your payments in your online account, so you can rest assured know only occurred lessons will ever be charged.

Please read more about our payment policy and security policy here:

Timing and delivery of payments

If all the Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for student lessons are met, tutors can expect to receive their funds according to the following schedule. If there are questions about any of the conditions, payments may be delayed while Learnmate attempts to resolve the questions.

  1. a) By default, a tutor is paid by either PayPal or direct deposit on file with Learnmate. Payment for both PayPal and direct deposit are paid on the Tuesday of every week, or the following business day in case of public holidays. In order for a lesson payment to be included in a particular pay period, that lesson must be entered 3 days prior to the payment date. The time between when the funds are released by Learnmate and made available to the tutor by the tutor’s bank will vary and is controlled by the tutor’s bank, not by Learnmate. If a tutor’s direct deposit is returned to Learnmate by the tutor’s bank, Learnmate will request that the tutor correct the tutor’s bank information. The returned payment amount will be resent within five (5) days after the bank information is corrected.

Late Fees

In the event that an invoice is not paid five (5) days after its due date, then an applicable $4.00 late fee will apply on that invoice until paid. The due date for all invoices is five (5) days after the lesson occurs, therefore the late fee will be applied 10 days after the conclusion of the lesson.

Calculation of tutor payment amounts

  1. a) Tutors set their own hourly rate and may change it at any time. Changing the default hourly rate will affect students who email a tutor after the time the change is made. Students who have been in contact with a tutor within three months prior to the time the rate change is made will continue to be subject to the hourly rate that was listed on the tutor’s profile at the time they first contacted the tutor; in order to change the rate for one of these students, the student must acknowledge the rate change via a rate change request email.
  2. b) All tutors agree to the commission structure. From February 1 2021, Learnmate’s commission is a flat 30% on all hours worked. With the commission also comes PROTECTION of your payment. With Learnmate, as we securely store our customers’ credit cards on file, you’re guaranteed to be paid when a lesson occurs, so you never have to worry about chasing up payments from student or parent. If you choose to go direct with a student, you lose the protection that Learnmate provides in ensuring you’re paid and so you will be at the discretion of a client to pay you.
  3. c) Non-tutoring charges should be incorporated into the hourly rate. Travel, parking, prep time or other expenses that you wish to defray to the customer must first be agreed to by the student. The mechanism to assess these charges is to adjust your hourly rate. Under no circumstances should the tutor receive payments directly from the student, either by cash, cheque or any other payment method.

If you wish to discuss any of these policies or procedures, please feel free to contact us here.

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