Purchase a Package of 12 Lessons & Save 12% Today!

At LearnMate, we believe we should reward commitment and dedication. That’s why we provide our loyal customers with the ability to save on their lessons.

If you know that you’re going to be continuing many lessons with your tutor, why not purchase a package of 12 lessons and save 12% today? The cost of the package will depend on the tutor’s hourly fee, so please refer to the tutor’s profile for the exact hourly fee – or just ask us.

Purchase a Package of 12 Lessons & Save 12% On the Total Cost!

Why save you ask? It’s simple. By purchasing a package, you can use the savings towards the cost of school books, camps or even school fees. Or, just keep it in the bank!

Since we started offering this to customers in early 2016, we’ve had over 750 customers opt for the package! So why not join them and start saving today?

Save & Convenience. By purchasing your package, you also don’t have to worry about paying your invoice weekly. We’ll take care of all payments from your balance and you’ll be able to conveniently track all deductions in your online account!




See some examples of savings below if you purchase a package with LearnMate. Note that all costs are based on each lesson being an hour long (but you can adjust this if you wish). You can find all the terms and conditions about this offer at the bottom of this page.

Tutor’s Hourly Cost: $35

Purchase Package of 12 Lessons = $420

Save 15% = $369.6 (Your Cost)


Tutor’s Hourly Cost: $40

Purchase Package of 12 Lessons = $480

Save 12% = $422.4 (Your Cost)

YOU SAVE $57.6!

Tutor’s Hourly Cost: $50

Purchase Package of 12 Lessons = $600

Save 12% = $528 (Your Cost)


No! It never expires. You can simply use it up as lessons occur. Whatever is left over will be refunded to your account when requested.

“I am unsure how to actually book in the lessons when I don’t know the exact dates they will fall on yet to ensure I get the discount”

If you’re asking this question, then do not worry as all lessons are deducted on a pay as you go basis, meaning that whenever you have the lesson it will be deducted from your package. You don’t need to worry about having set lessons each week – just when you need!

Yes! After each lesson, you will receive an activity statement that will highlight the lesson that just occurred, as well as the amount taken from the package.

Yes indeed you can! If you have multiple tutors with LearnMate, then we can split the package into 2 or even 3.

No, we don’t charge you immediately after submitting the form above. Because each student has different tutors, we need to make sure we find the best solution for you, and when this is done in less than one business day, we will send you the invoice for review. Once confirmed, we will charge the credit card on file. However, if you’d like us to charge sooner, we can do that once you submit the form above; please specify this in the message requests box.

LearnMate always has been and always will be a pay as you go basis. You simply only pay for what you use and there are never any contracts.

We never make you sign a contract with LearnMate.

To get started, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you within one business day to provide you with the invoice to check over first before payment.

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Terms and Conditions of this Offer: Customer must purchase at least 12 lessons at the same time to be able to receive the full offer. Offer is for 12% off the total cost of 12 hourly lessons with the tutor, with prices varying depending on the tutor’s hourly cost. This cost can be found in the tutor’s profile on the LearnMate site. This offer is not be used in conjunction with any offer found on the LearnMate site, including any past prepayments made by customers to LearnMate. The customer may continue to purchase discount packages for the duration of their tuition. All monies paid to LearnMate Tutoring Pty Ltd will be securely kept in a Westpac Trust account, where regularly auditing by an external auditor is conducted. All monies paid to LearnMate Tutoring Pty Ltd will be credited to your online account, where after each lesson, the amount will be deducted from this balance.

LIMITED OFFER: Purchase a Package & Save 12%!