Study Notes & Resources for VCE Legal Studies Students


These notes have been written with you as the student in mind. They are a consolidation of the notes that I use to teach my legal studies students.

These notes are arranged by topics that directly correlate with what is listed on the Study Design. Each topic also has reference to the relevant key knowledge from the study design so that you are aware on what VCAA requires you to know.

These notes are supposed to act as a skeleton on what you need to know for SACs and Exams, and are intended to give you some sort of structure when you are making your own notes/revising for upcoming assessments.

Where possible contemporary examples are used to illustrate how the topic relates to real-life scenarios. Links to relevant websites and articles are also provided which are for your interest only.

At the end of each topic there are reference to relevant VCAA questions which will help you to consolidate your understanding of the topic. Legal Studies is best approached from practicing past VCAA exam questions, and that is what I included in these notes to make your learning easy!

(Please note that the exam questions are linked to the actual exam paper so all you need to do is click on the link, and it will take you to the relevant exam paper.)

I hope that you find them useful.

Year Completed: 2014

High School: Wellington Secondary College

Subject Name: VCE Legal Studies

Subject Number: 3/4

Number of Pages: 71 Pages

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Study Notes & Resources for VCE Legal Studies Students