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My notes have been edited and tailored over and over for the last 3 years of my tutoring career. My notes consist of every major topic in VCE Chemistry, broken down one by one and categorised into both Unit 3 and 4. I have used as many images, graphs and tables where necessary to facilitate understanding and easy learning. Previously, only my full time students have had access to these notes, and for the first time I am making them available to the public. There are many notes for sale for VCE subjects, however Chemistry 3/4 notes are harder to come by, generally because of the shear volume of content. For this reason, many Chemistry 3/4 notes cut corners and only cover the basics that are easily taught even by the most ordinary of teachers. My notes have been built from scratch, and have been adjusted for the latest study design, something that most other notes haven’t done. This means that the new topics are covered and there is nothing in my notes that was previously omitted, content that you simply don’t need to know! Currently I tutor 20 students a week, and am studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine and Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University. Included in my notes are my contact details, in which you can contact me anytime if you have any questions or would like me to explain a concept further. Best of luck!

Study Score: 48

Year Completed: 2014

High School: Scotch College

Subject Name: VCE Chemistry

Subject Number: 3/4

Number of Pages: 116 (WOW!!)

James is one of a kind- he has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills which quickly enable him to engage with his students and adopt his tutoring to their individual learning styles and needs. He quickly isolates their learning challenges and identifies the most time efficient, straight forward approach to address a student’s learning difficulties. He is able to make chemistry a joy to learn for some of the most academically challenged students who thought it was beyond them, enabling them to progress from not passing the subject to above average within a term. This testimonial does not do adequate justice to a tutor who is more insightful and understanding beyond his years in his support of the academic needs of his students.

Anna Past Student

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VCE Chemistry Notes & Resources for VCE Students – LearnMate