Study Notes & Resources for HSC Biology Students – Year 12


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  • All sets of notes have a range of detailed text, diagrams, images, photos, tables and graphs to ensure the best explanation is provided for each area of the syllabus. 
  • These notes are of the highest quality which has been recognised by a multitude of teaching staff. They ensure every single area of the syllabus is broken down with explanations that are clear and concise, making new content very easy to understand. They also include a range of relevant and up to date examples wherever needed.
  • Each set of notes are arranged strictly by the syllabus. They are clearly broken down into topic sections, then each topic has each syllabus point numbered, stated with the relevant information underneath, all in chronological order ensuring they are organised and easy to follow.
  • Exceptional standard, all information is correct and textbook checked. The notes are neat, organised and detailed, along with a subtle yet effective use of colour, images and figures to accompany the text.
  • All staff members from each faculty personally requested I leave them with copies of these notes on leaving the school in order to assist future students with examples of excellent notes.

Study Score in Year 12 (2016)

ATAR: 97.25

  • Achieved a Band 6 in ALL subjects
  • Biology – 92
  • PDHPE – 94
  • Geography – 93
  • Advanced English – 92
  • Agriculture – 91
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Study Notes & Resources for HSC Biology Students – Year 12