New Way to Learn Could be Here to Stay

New Way to Learn Could be Here to Stay


The pandemic brought with it a reliance on virtual classrooms – and a move to online tutoring.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for students who were forced out of the classroom and thrust into virtual learning this past year.

Dmitri Dalla-Riva, owner and director of LearnMate Tutoring, witnessed the challenges first-hand.

“A number of students who came to us said they felt left out in their virtual classrooms,’’ he says. ‘‘Some children struggled to make themselves heard and did not receive sufficient attention or support.

“Making sure that students didn’t fall behind was our priority; so, we focused on our online abilities providing tutors with training and knowledge to deliver the highest quality online tutoring.”

LearnMate is a tutoring service that connects primary and high school students to tutors across Australia. Prior to March, 90 per cent of LearnMate’s tutoring was delivered in-person, with only 10 per cent online. With the onset of COVID-19, that ratio has become inverted.

“It is easy for students to be pushed to the wayside in online classes and it is a lot less personal, so online tutoring has been instrumental for students’ learning during the pandemic,” says Dalla-Riva.

“Being able to have that one-on-one attention from your tutor, whose job it is to tailor lessons to suit the individual, has proven to be beneficial for students.”

LearnMate will again offer in-person tutoring in Victoria once restrictions allow. However, it senses a keen interest among clients for online tutoring to continue.

“While in-person tutoring has always been our specialty, given that online tutoring is becoming more the norm, LearnMate is adopting a hybrid model to provide the best of both worlds,” says Dalla-Riva.

LearnMate’s tutors come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of qualifications. “Our tutors are primarily university students,’’ explains Dalla-Riva. ‘‘However, there are a few qualified teachers who work with us, too.

‘‘Generally, younger tutors work better with high school students, as they find it easier to relate, having been in the same situation not so long ago themselves. Primary school students sometimes respond better to a more experienced teacher who understands the behaviours and requirements of a younger student.’’

LearnMate tutors select the subject(s) they would like to teach and determine their own rates. However, tutors must prove that they have done well in a subject to be able to tutor in it, or be studying something at university that is related to that subject.

LearnMateprovidesonlinetrainingcourses andwebinarsforitstutors,andhasadedicated tutorsupportpersonforguidanceandassistance.

“When we switched to mostly online tutoring, many tutors required guidance to navigate online teaching. We arranged for our lead-online tutor to provide a comprehensive course, to teach our tutor cohort how to approach online lessons to benefit the students.”

LearnMate is fast approaching a key milestone of 100,000 hours of tuition. Since it was launched in 2015, LearnMate has registered more than 9000 students.

“There is no set limit of time for LearnMate tutoring sessions,’’ says Dalla-Riva. ‘‘We recommend an hour, but it depends on the student’s individual needs, which the tutor ascertains during the session.

“Our feedback has shown us that both students and their parents are incredibly thankful to their LearnMate tutors for being helpful, understanding, supportive and a friendly face.”


Republished from The Age | 13 November 2020


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New Way to Learn Could be Here to Stay