Analysing The Melbourne Storm Membership Terms & Conditions

Analysing The Melbourne Storm Membership Terms And Conditions For The 2018 NRL Season

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I’ll be honest, I was completely devoid of ideas for this article. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write about. I was at the rugby last night (I’m writing this on April 26) and as I was watching the Melbourne Storm dismantle the Warriors, I thought about a good example of formal language, terms and conditions documents. This article will be analysing the Melbourne Storm membership terms and conditions for the 2018 NRL season.

They can be found here:

The first feature that I will discuss is coherence, and more specifically, formatting. This text uses headings such as, “Member code of conduct,” “Payments and refunds,” and, “Membership Classifications,” in order to maintain the coherence of the text as they help to clearly organise information such as how to pay for a Melbourne Storm membership and what types of membership are available with the club. This helps to make the text clear and easy to follow, which is important given its informative function. The paragraph numbers serve a near identical purpose, as well as giving a clear point of reference should disputes arise.

Additionally, modal verbs such as, “may,” “will,” and, “can,” are used through this text for various purposes. Can serves a multitude of purposes, such as telling members that they have the ability to renew their membership during an exclusive window to retain their seat from the previous season and where members are able to access information such as the club’s privacy policy. Will is used to inform prospective members that some things, such as not processing incomplete membership applications, are going to happen with a high degree of certainty. The modal, “may,” is also used in this text and serves primarily to say that the club is able to, (but not obliged to) do things such as issue full or partial refunds for memberships in exceptional circumstances.

Moreover, this document also uses almost exclusively declarative sentences such as, “Melbourne Storm reserves… for membership,” which is appropriate given that the text’s primary function is to inform prospective members of their obligations and what the club has the ability to do. This text also uses various sentence structures, but simple sentences are particularly common in this text as they covey information quickly, succinctly and efficiently, in a manner that is easy to follow for membership applicants.

Finally, this text also uses second person singular pronoun, “you,” in order to help make it clear to prospective Melbourne Storm members that the text is directed at them.

I have only scratched the surface of this text, however I have a word limit and I do not have all the time in the world, so I hope this is of value to you and I’ll be back next month. At least one of my articles next month will be to do with the federal budget.

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Analysing The Melbourne Storm Membership Terms & Conditions