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Yuan F

Yuan F

Hi! I'm Yuan, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10 Maths, HSC English Standard and English Advanced(81) Tutor. I endeavour to provide the best possible experience for all my students.

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Hi, I am Yuan Wei. Nice to meet you! I am currently a first year student studying a Bachelor of Information Systems at UNSW. I attained band 5 in Advanced English, Chemistry, Biology, and 2U Advanced Mathematics and graduated in 2018. What differentiates me from other tutors is the experience I possess. As many teachers say, “teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs out there,” which is undoubtedly true as i can testify to such a statement. Engaging in the peer tutoring program enabled me to develop my personal qualities such as patience, empathy, and time-management. The tutoring program partnered us, the tutors, with ESL students. I participated in this program for 2 years, engaging with students every day of the week to help with anything relating to the English subject such as reading, writing, and speaking. Being able to simultaneously assist others in need, and develop myself is what I find to be most enjoyable about tutoring. Connecting with students is one of the most important factors in being able to teach effectively and efficiently, building their foundations and assisting them on their endeavour throughout primary and high school.


  • Teaching locations(Please contact me if your area is not on the list): Burwood, Strathfield, CBD, Ashfield, Epping
  • Pay rate: $35+/hr for individual sessions
  • Currently available on all days except Thursday/Friday 11am-2pm and all of Wednesday

I endeavour to provide the best possible experience for all my students. Looking forward to working with you!