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Yigeng L

Yigeng L

Hi, I’m Yigeng, a Physics(43.45), Maths Methods(50.21), Specialist Maths (51.68) tutor. I believe it is my responsibility to guide my students to find the most appropriate studying method which suits them.

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Graduated from Melbourne High School in 2014 with an ATAR of 99.90. I have completed my Bachelor of Biomedicine degree averaging H1(the top grade), and now I am currently studying Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Melbourne

I have achieved raw study scores of 50 for Maths Methods (50.21 scaled), 41 for

Specialist Maths (51.68 scaled), and 41 for physics (43.45 scaled).

I have a large collection of notes from various sources (TSFX, DOCTOR HE,


believe that, with these notes, you will be able to learn the best contents from every one of

these resources in the most efficient manner.

I have had five years of teaching experience as a tutor and during this time I have met

various types of students including those who are trying to not let Maths/physics drag them down, or top achieving students who are aiming for those best grades, however as a tutor, I believe there is always a way for every student to achieve, and it is my responsibility to guide my students to find the most appropriate studying method which suits them.

What I can help you with:

� Fully understand all the concepts and where all the formulas come from.

� Excellent SAC/EXAM preparation.

� Assistance with school work both during and outside of tutoring hours .

� Tips on how to achieve high study scores and high ATAR

� Improve your study skills for all subjects.

If you have any question during the week, you can always contact me via phone or email and I will get back to you usually within the day or the next day.


Prices and locations:

Unlike most other tutors, I prefer 1 on 1 private tutoring and I charge

$50 per hour, however if you have a friend who

is also interested, then price for group sessions can be negotiated. I am happy to

tutor in libraries on the Mernda lines during the weekends on the weekdays I will tutor in the city, i.e State library, RMIT, Melbourne university.

Summer holiday only:

During the holiday season only between November until the end of January, I will be able to travel to student’s home for tutoring depending on the exact location. Please call/message me for further detail.