Yazmin V – VCE English Language Tutor

“I’m eager to drive and motivate others into improving, excelling, and above all, achieving their full potential in VCE!”

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About Yazmin


During high school, I obtained:

  • a study score of 46 scaled to 48 in English Language, an ATAR of 97.90, and the titles ‘VCE Baccalaureate’ and ‘Dux of MacKillop College 2015.’
  • two scholarships from Monash University (Vice Chancellor’s Access and for Excellence & Equity)
  • a Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship from Melbourne University.
  • top honours for VCE English Language, Religion & Society and Italian.

I am currently studying Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at Monash University. Prior to this, I completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science from the same university.

I have been tutoring VCE English Language for over 4 years. This is due to how much I enjoy the subject, and my desire to help students feel the same by achieving satisfying results.


I strive to push my students to their full potential. One of my proudest moments as a tutor was when one of my students achieved the same study score as mine, even when she was absolute terrified of metalanguage at the start of year 12! Since then, I’ve had multiple students achieve study scores of over 40. Indeed most students comment that they find the subject less scary than previously thought.

I tutor due to precisely this reason – I want to help students push past doubts and fears, and help them see just how high they can reach.


  1. Showing how to apply knowledge. My goal is to prove to you that English Language CAN be interesting. No other VCE subject allows you to apply teen slang that you already know of, or quote Cardi B and sound amazingly sophisticated. Once students appreciate how English language can relate to everyday life, I find that they often generate interest and confidence answer SAC and exam questions with ease.
  2. Encouraging a positive attitude for improving. I believe that anyone CAN do well in English Language, through Constant And Never-ending improvement. I personally gained mediocre scores in year 11. Yet, focusing on improving resulted in A+’s all the way!
  3. Giving solid direction. Given how competitive VCE is, I make sure my students focus their energy purely on the skills that matter, including:
    • mastering metalanguage:  highlighting what examiners find students struggle with (i.e. coherence, information flow)
    • writing commentaries: tailoring each commentary to what assessors expect for each text type or mode
    • compiling INTERESTING examples and quotes: to use for every possible essay topic – all to help my students walk out that exam door knowing they have just impressed their examiners


Please note that costs are due to demand, experience and the time and effort I guarantee will be put into guiding each of my students.

Individual Tutoring:

  • $55/hr (In Person)
  • $50/hr (Skype)

Group Tutoring:

  • $45/hr per student (Groups of 2)
  • $40/hr per student (Groups of 3)

Students receive (at no added cost):

  • available support and feedback 7 days a week
  • comprehensive notes on each Area of Study
  • practice materials
  • quotes and examples for Australian English, Aboriginal, Italian, Filipino, and plenty of other ethnolects, sociolects, and jargon.
  • high quality linguistic examples from the media throughout the year

I am based in the Western suburbs; however, I am willing to meet up at the State library or wherever is most suitable.

I am available to tutor on weekends and weekday afternoons, but please contact LearnMate for my exact availability and we could discuss a time suitable for us both.

I wish you all the best and it will be my pleasure to ensure you achieve the best that you can for VCE English Language 2020!

Yazmin was a lovely and knowledgeable tutor. She knows the content very well and was able to explain it in a manner that was easy to understand. She would be a fantastic tutor to students struggling in the subject and students aiming for high marks.

Vanessa Student

Not only is Yazmin an amazing tutor, but she is also a great person who you can rely on. She helped me reach my full potential and thanks to her I received a remarkable study score equivalent to hers in English Language.

Tasmia Student

The lesson was very useful and it has helped me a lot. Yazmin knows her content very well; inside out to be exact. She was able to cater and help me with whatever I needed help with and I was very satisfied with that! I also felt that she was very easy to get along with and it allowed me to feel comfortable asking her anything.

Kristy Current Student

Interested in hiring Yazmin to be your tutor?

Yazmin V – VCE English Language Tutor