Yasmin M – Years 9 – 12, VCE English Tutor

“I aim to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to help you reach your academic goals in a fun and studious manner!”

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About Yasmin

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my profile.

My name is Yasmin and I am offering VCE English tutoring to assist anyone who would like to have a comprehensive understanding of VCE English, acquire strong writing skills and be prepared for SACs and exams.  I am passionate about seeing my students improve and helping them maximize their potential!


Being a graduate of 2016, I completely understand how year 12 can be an extremely stressful time, however by managing your time effectively and developing your skills, it can be much easier and extremely rewarding!

Through dedication to the subject and a desire to further my writing abilities, I was able to obtain a study score of 44 in English. I also received a study score of 39 for Literature in 2015, so I understand the work required to improve essay writing and how to analyse texts closely. Currently, I am doing my second year of a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne majoring in Japanese and media and communications.

I am excited to assist students with VCE English units 1/2 and 3/4!

This includes:


-Text Response

-Language Analysis

-Comparative essays (Note: I personally did not study this during VCE, however, I have familiarized myself with this essay writing style and am comfortable teaching and assisting with it)

I believe that tutoring is much more than just an extension of English classes or more homework, but an improvement in writing, deeper knowledge of English texts and the ability to go into your exam confident in your skills.

For this reason my tutoring consists of:

-‘Lightning writing’ (short written pieces related to your texts in order to increase writing speed and cohesion)

-Detailed assessment of past essays in order to tackle the weaker areas of your writing

-Mini lessons based on areas such as grammar, essay structure, improving vocabulary, etc.

-Advice in terms of stress, managing your workload and exam preparation

-Notes on essay writing and a variety of practice exams

-Plus much more!

I understand that not all students learn the same way or need to improve in the same areas. This is reflected in my tutoring, which is tailored to suit each student’s needs and create the most engaging and supportive learning environment for them.

I have an in-depth understanding of the texts: This Boy’s Life, All About Eve, Years of Wonder and The Crucible. However, I am able to familiarise myself with your specific text in order to fully assist you with your studies!

I have both a Police Check and a Working with Children Check


I am available at the State Library or Melbourne University (CBD area) or the Western Suburbs (preferably Sydenham/Keilor/Caroline Springs/St. Albans libraries). I am also able to travel to a library (within a reasonable distance) most convenient for you, although a commute longer than 15 minutes may result in a small surcharge. In terms of days, I am extremely flexible and able to tutor Monday to Thursday after school hours, as well as Sunday afternoons.

Private Tutoring

I charge only $42 per hour for private tuition.

Group Tutoring

In addition to one-on-one sessions, I provide tutoring for small groups of 2-4 students. I am only charging $30 an hour per student, so feel free to bring along friends!

Skype Tutoring

I am also happy to have tutoring sessions conducted via Skype, in order to assist the needs of students who require it. Private sessions for Skype calls are only $37 per hour.

Through our collaboration, I will be able to assist you in achieving your goals for this year and provide you with the necessary skills to thrive in VCE English

Interested in hiring Yasmin to be your tutor?

Yasmin M – Years 9 – 12, VCE English Tutor