Yana L – WACE Chemistry ( Units 1-4 ), Mathematics Methods ( Units 1-4 ), Mathematics Specialist ( Units 1-4 ), Music ( Units 1-4 ) Tutor

I will ensure that your happiness and progress will remain my top priority throughout our tutoring lessons and encourage honest and open feedback to improve the experience for the both of us.

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About Yana


Hi there!
I am a 2018 graduate who achieved an ATAR of 99,45 and a Certificate of Distinction for WACE, I was awarded the Dux award for my cohort and am currently doing my Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at UWA under the assured pathway for Medicine.

During my final two years of high school, I studied Methods, Specialist and Chemistry, all of which were in my final top four subjects with raw and scaled scores of 86%+. My scores for each subject are as follows:
Methods: Final score of 93%, WACE Exam score of 94.59%
Specialist: Final score of 87.1%, WACE Exam score of 88.01%
Chemistry: Final score of 86.6%, WACE Exam score of 85.66%

With one year of tutoring experience, I believe I have improved myself as a tutor with all of my students’ grades improved by the end of their time with me. This past year has also given me insight into the different types of methods that individual students learn best, which I will utilise in our lessons to ensure that you benefit the most.

I absolutely love Maths and Chemistry and I personally feel that to be able to succeed in a subject and to learn the content, first there has to be some level of appreciation/enjoyment. So in our tutoring lessons, I will work hard to bring fresh and fun perspectives to the table when tackling trickier topics. The lessons will also be tailored to your needs, targeting your areas of concern. We will also go over exam taking techniques and how to manage your time more effectively, ensuring you are making the most of all your time (study SMARTER not HARDER).

My goal for our lessons would not only be to hopefully increase your grades, but to also boost your confidence when facing exams/assessments and to help you maintain that school/life balance. I would also love for my enthusiasm and passion to rub off on you, even just a little, which can go a long way for boosting that confidence!

I am open to feedback, so if something is not working for you, please speak up! I want this to be a learning experience for me as well, learning how to be a better suited tutor for YOU. I encourage honesty and constructive feedback and wish for our lessons to be an enjoyable one for the both of us!

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in booking lessons with me, we can discuss times/location plus rates (base rate of $45 but more depending on where you are located and what year you are in)

Can’t wait to work with you to smash those goals in 2020!


Currently offering tutoring in the Crawley or Willeton areas. Can meet up at public library or your house. I charge a base rate of $45/hr but will be more depending on your subject requirements and location (this can all be discussed if you just reach out to me)

In person tutoring: base rate $45/hr

Can also do online tutoring via zoom: base rate $40/hr

Accurate, nice, good teaching skills

Maja Parent

Helpful and has good knowledge on the subject content.

Rashdina Student

Interested in hiring Yana to be your tutor?

Yana L – WACE Chemistry ( Units 1-4 ), Mathematics Methods ( Units 1-4 ), Mathematics Specialist ( Units 1-4 ), Music ( Units 1-4 ) Tutor