Xuhui Z – VCE/IB (SL/HL) Maths Tutor

• Obtain the best grade possible with a tutor who scored 6 for HL subject.
• Gathering knowledge from an interactive, friendly and skilful IB mathematics Tutor.
• Choosing the language teaching from two different languages (English, Chinese).
• Forming a studious relationship with tutor who achieve excellent rewards in IB mathematics
• Get a head start in 2018! Don’t Wait!

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About Xuhui

Hi there, thanks for taking time to understand who I am.

I graduated in Woodcroft College in 2014 and received a 6 study score for IB HL mathematics. I love to pass my knowledge to year 11 and year 12 IB HL/SL mathematics and VCE mathematics student. Guarantee my clients fully engage in every aspect of learning throughout the entire teaching period is my major objective which will be achieved by teaching in an interesting and interacting knowledge base style.

In addition, I’m really interesting in Mathematics and have taken some mathematical based subject in university and I believed that my high level of interest will influence my student during the teaching period, and so this excitement of mathematics will become an energetic fuel to boost students’ success.

By the investigation of mathematical students, I understand that doing excise question is the major dissatisfaction of student due to the boringness and disengagement. Hence one of my goal is to change this scenario in order to obtain my major objective.

I’m familiar with the current syllabus of IB HL/SL, VCE mathematics and also skilled in various areas:

  • Portfolio Writing
  • Efficient use of different formula to solve to questions
  • Understand the function of graphic calculation
  • Answering questions in exam conditions
  • And other vital components of mathematics

Part of my offering include phones, and email support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if students have any question about or not about mathematics, I will try my best to help you as needed. I will also include my notes and other relevant quotes which student need. At last but not least, I will introduce my student to my Facebook study group which I create for all students.

I live in North Melbourne area, so if you‘re welcome to meet me or I can come to you, depends on your preferment. I’m available Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday after 3, and Friday excludes 4 to 7. Please consider the time I’m available to teach you, I will do my best to accommodate you into my schedule. I also held a Valid Working with Children’s Check.

I am only charging $40 per hour and $10 extra if the travelling time greater than 1 hour, with the first half hour of tutoring time free! Contract me today and let’s jump the road of success.

Interested in hiring Xuhui to be your tutor?

Xuhui Z – VCE/IB (SL/HL) Maths Tutor