Xuewei L – HSC Biology Tutor

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure.” It’s never too late to become the best version of yourself you can be.

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About Xuewei

Hello! I’m Xuewei and thanks for visiting my profile 🙂

I am a HSC biology tutor (89) who’s qualified to teach the 3 core topics (Maintaining a Balance, Blueprint of Life, The Search for Better Health) as well as the optional topics:

Genetics: The Code Broken? (my high school HSC topic)

Communication (High Distinction in Neuroscience)

I graduated from Sydney Girls High School in 2015, achieving an ATAR of 91.65 and 89 in biology. I also have extensive knowledge of biology from my studies at the University of Sydney, achieving high distinctions in my health and biology subjects.

Ranking 2nd (92 marks) for my 2nd HSC assessment, (after rising from a rank of 26th  from my first assessment), I understand what it’s like to have to fight your way up after getting off to a bad start. I want to pass on my knowledge and resilience to help you improve not only your marks and ranking but your satisfaction and confidence in yourself. I know that the HSC can feel overwhelming in terms of study content, organisation and peer expectations, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As your tutor, I will teach you how to study effectively and efficiently, practising valuable exam techniques through past papers and providing feedback on the concise and structured responses markers look for. As your mentor, I will empower you to find passion and motivation in your own learning and whatever you aim to do after the HSC.

No matter where you’re up to in your studies or what foundations you have, I will help you to build your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. There is no judgement in not knowing answers or struggling to manage your time. As long as you’re open to learning, I can help you become the best version of yourself you can be. I tailor classes to engage with the learning styles that suit you so you can make the most of tutoring (even if you feel your parents are forcing you into it!)

I’m extremely passionate about biology because I love how the features and adaptations of particular species can inform understandings of concepts such as evolution and homeostasis (eg. The sigmoidal shape of the haemoglobin saturation curve helps to reinforce how we have evolved to maintain homeostasis at different partial pressures of O2). Being able to integrate these intricacies into the bigger picture as well as being able to apply concepts to deduce the functions of certain structures makes our understanding and experience of the natural environment so much richer (eg. A low surface area to volume ratio in plant leaves indicate their function in reducing transpiration and suggest the type of climate it has evolved in).

Services provided:

  • Thorough explanations of content and interactive teaching to ensure interest and full comprehension
  • Applying concepts and integrating relevant real-world examples to strengthen your understanding and quality of responses
  • Effective exam techniques to tackle multiple choice, short and long response questions
  • Developing practical skills in drawing and interpreting graphs and scientific diagrams
  • Summary/revision notes by syllabus dot point
  • Outside of lesson email support- guaranteed response within 24 hours (other methods of communication are negotiable)
  • A teaching plan that suits your individual needs and style of learning


  • 7 days per week, please enquire for exact times

Teaching locations:

I live in the Peakhurst area and am happy to travel to you provided you live within a 10km radius or close to the CBD. I am also available in the Lidcombe area Mondays to Thursdays. If you would prefer me to conduct lessons at a local library instead of your home that can easily be arranged. 🙂

Tuition information

My tuition is only $40/hr per person or $28/hr for groups of 2 and $22/hr for groups of 3.

I also hold a valid Working with Children Check.

Interested in hiring Xuewei to be your tutor?

Xuewei L – HSC Biology Tutor