Xingjian Z – Years 7-11, VCE Maths Methods, VCE Physics and VCE Chemistry Tutor

-Achieve the best results possible with a tutor who scored 95 ATAR.
-Construct strong understanding and confidence in Maths with a friendly and responsible teacher who is studying bachelor of Science in the University of Melbourne.
-Become one of the top students in your school.
-Make your subjects fun and enjoyable to feel confident in your exams.

Interested in hiring Xingjian to be your tutor?

About Xingjian

Hi my potential students! Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile.

I attained a 43 score for Math Methods in Math Methods in 2017 and I simply want to help students who is struggling in Math or who wants to improve their performance. Making sure my students achieve their targets and become successful is my top priority and this is achieved by teaching my students in a fun, but studious manner.

In addition, I have an absolute passion for Math, and so I believe this passion comes across when I tutor my students. I am often known to be very energetic when I tutor my students, and so I believe this energetic passion fuels students’ desire to succeed.

Many students think that Math is boring and disengaging. My aim is to totally change that! My goal is to help the student find his/her passion in the subject.

I am familiar with the current curriculum for Math Methods and Physics, Chemistry, including:

-Exam preparation

-Homework exercises

-Anything that you feel confused in any topics of your subjects.

Aside from in-person tutoring sessions.  I can offer you extra help 7 days per week through emails. I’m very active on emails so feel free to contact me whenever you need help!

I live in Melbourne CBD, so it will be very convenient of you can come to the State library or Melbourne University. If you can’t, don’t worry! Because I also have a car. So, I can drive to the place where is suitable for you. I am available on Thursday (from 10:00am to 6:00pm), Saturday (from 10:00am to 6:00pm), Sunday (from 10:00am to 6:00pm). I will do my utmost best to accommodate you into my schedule.

I also hold a valid Working with Children’s Check, and valid Driver’s License.

I charge only $29 per hour at the public library, and $34 per hour at the student’s home. Please feel free to contact me today and let’s get you on the right track to achieving success this year!

Interested in hiring Xingjian to be your tutor?

Xingjian Z – Years 7-11, VCE Maths Methods, VCE Physics and VCE Chemistry Tutor