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Xavier L

Xavier L

Hi! I'm Xavier, a Years 7 - 10 English, Maths, Year 11 HSC Economics. 3U Maths, Year 11-12 HSC Chemistry, 2U Maths, Studies of Religion 1 and English Advanced Tutor. I take the best parts of all my tutoring experiences and make sure to steer clear of all the negatives to create the optimum environment for you to reach your maximum potential.

  • Fill 1Chemistry
  • Fill 1Economics
  • Fill 1English Advanced
  • Fill 1Studies of Religion (1 and 2)
  • Fill 1Advanced Maths / Maths (2U)
  • Fill 1Maths
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Here’s a preview: Balance and Support.

Hi! My name’s Xavier and I graduated from St Ignatius’ College Riverview in 2019 with an ATAR of 95.15.

I KNOW what you’re thinking, very average ATAR compared to all these brilliant 99s and STATE RANKS… I agree, they are smart, but to be an effective tutor it takes more than being an absolute genius. Realistically, if you are striving for that coveted 99… DO NOT enquire for my services. BUT, if you have a realistic goal in mind that you are willing to grind at every day with my help until your final HSC exam in November, we’re in business.

I can understand the lead up to HSC for many students puts the most pressure on a student in their academic lives (believe me i’ve been there) and having the right mentality and support network can mean the make or break for many students. Whether you’re striving to see how high you can go or just enough to please your parents (or both) its always great to have someone reliable in your corner to give you the leg up on all your peers. In other words, the HSC is a long journey which takes building good study habits and finding what works for you, we can find what’s best for you and grind to achieve marks you never thought you were capable of.

As for my marks, I received an Assessment mark of 90 for Chemistry, an HSC exam mark of 88 (Economics) and HSC marks of 47/50 (Studies of Religion 1 unit), 90 (English Advanced), 92 (2U maths) and 42/50 (3U maths). Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney which is extremely chemistry and maths intensive meaning I believe I have an even greater understanding of HSC Chemistry and Maths now than even before.

The single largest factor which causes students grief (in particular the class of 2020) is the new syllabus. An edge I have on older tutors is that the NESA (NSW Educational Standards Authority) decided to completely change up the syllabus of almost all subjects from 2019. What does this mean for you? No past papers, no notes from older relatives and NO effective help from tutors who use old notes and have to relearn different content! Take it from the guinea pigs of NESA’s new syllabus, the plethora of past papers obtained, notes and experience that have been created by myself and the class of 2019 is more valuable than any older tutors who topped the state can give you.

I have 2 years experience in peer tutoring both in my old high school and externally (references available). In addition to this, I received extensive tutoring help throughout my high school life from private tutoring by one of Sydney’s most experienced English teachers and about 5 years of experience in the extremely effective Matrix Education. As such, I take the best parts of all my tutoring experiences and make sure to steer clear of all the negatives to create the optimum environment for you to reach your maximum potential.

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ONLINE Tutoring is available now whilst I am able to tutor anywhere in the North Shore area.

Rates: *prices negotiable and subject to change based on off -duty marking and subject choice

Year 7-10 (In person): $35

Year 7-10 (Online): $30

Year 11-12 (In person): $50

Year 11-12 (Online): $45