Vishav K – HSC English Advanced, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Ancient History Tutor

“My goal as an experienced tutor is to ensure my students approach their HSC with a sense of clarity and confidence!”

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About Vishav

Hey there! Are you tired of memorising entire essays? Do you find it frustrating trying to solve seemingly impossible maths questions? Or perhaps you need help staying awake whilst covering the ENTIRE chemistry and biology syllabus!

Hi, I’m Vishav and I’m here to help. As a recent HSC graduate, I know how easy it is to become unstuck and unmotivated when high school content becomes difficult. That’s why I’m here to use my prior experience as both a student and tutor to help you make enormous improvements in your marks and smash the HSC! Upon graduating in 2016, I received a Band 6 in both English and Chemistry, whilst receiving high band 5’s in Maths, biology and Ancient History. I strongly believe in working together with you to build a step-by-step process which we can follow to ensure you work towards and stay in that Band 6 range.

Many of my students dreaded the thought of writing essays, creative writing pieces or analysing unseen texts. However, through following my structured and simple writing plan, along with the aid of my premium HSC resources, they were able to find enjoyment and a sense of clarity when approaching English. In fact, one of my preliminary HSC students went from studying Standard English to achieving an ‘A’ grade in Advanced English.

Ultimately, this is exactly my goal! For students to approach high school subjects with a sense of confidence and clarity, rather than a feeling of impending doom!

I know the importance of using structured lesson plans and integrating interactive resources into my teaching. I will always aim to make lessons as enjoyable as possible, because more often than not, that is when the most learning happens!

As a current English, mathematics and science high school tutor, I am extremely familiar with the HSW curriculum and I have an abundance of resources and personal notes which I would happy to share with you, in order to give you a headstart in your learning!

I gladly offer phone and e-mail support 7 days per week, and am more than happy to edit and provide detailed feedback on any questions or writing pieces you may have. Last but not least, I will provide you with FREE access to dozens of quizzes I have made which are fantastic diagnostic tools you can use to ensure you are 100% prepared for your assessments.

I live in the Blacktown Area, but am more than happy to travel to the Penrith and Parramatta areas. You’re welcome to come to me, or I can come to you. Alternatively, we can have lessons at local libraries. I am also happy to conduct online-tutoring sessions as well. I am available 7 days per week, but please check my availability times for specific timings. I also hold a valid NSW driver’s license and a Working with Children’s check.

I am only charging $45 per hour. Feel free to contact me today! Let’s get learning!




Interested in hiring Vishav to be your tutor?

Vishav K – HSC English Advanced, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Ancient History Tutor