Vinuth S – Primary School Science, English, Maths, Humanities, Years 7-10, VCE Biology, VCE Chemistry and VCE English Language Tutor

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About Vinuth


Hey there,

I’m Vinuth and a little bit about me; I graduated out of Glen Waverley Secondary College in 2018 with an ATAR of 92.20 and got handpicked into a Bach. of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Monash University for 2019.

For 2019, I teach VCE Chemistry / Biology / English Language as well as Primary school level Maths / English / Sciences / Humanities and selective entry practice and coaching.

With my interest and enthusiasm in sciences, I teach and tutor:

VCE Chemistry Units 1 & 2

VCE Chemistry Units 3 & 4  * (study score of 46)

VCE Biology Units 1 & 2

VCE Biology Units 3 & 4  *(study score of 41)

VCE English Language Units 1 & 2

VCE English Language Units 3 & 4 *(study score of 43)

I also work alongside the Australian Army Cadets so I am proficient with skills in how to teach and develop youth. I offer services to tutor and teach the subject matter (condensed notes, previous tests and exam questions, assessment criteria, high level responses, other tutoring notes, my own comprehensive notes, visual models), provide notes and additional resources, teach and coach students for success. I have been trained as a youth teacher and my methods of teaching involve use of visual aids as well as thorough explanations of concepts. I have over 4 years of teaching experience, specifically to youth and young adults.

I believe in marking and tracking progress as it shows areas of improvement and issues in subject retention.

I am a very big supporter of the STEM fields and the sciences and my motivation to tutor is to spread knowledge as well as the fact that I just like teaching!


I live in Glen Waverley, and ideal distance to Monash Uni’s Clayton Campus. I can teach from my own home, at the Clayton Campus, or even at nearby libraries.

My availability is very flexible and accommodative to your needs. Preferably after 5 on weekdays and all day on weekends. (Mon-Sun)

I offer my teaching services:

  • Chemistry / Biology / English Language Units 1 & 2:  ($25/hour)
  • Chemistry / Biology / English Language Units 3 & 4: ($37/hour)

For primary school / selective entry students:

  • Primary School Science ($25 / hour)
  • Primary School English ($25 / hour)
  • Primary School Maths ($25 / hour)
  • Primary School Humanities ($25 / hour)

** Note: Selective school entries: please inquire beforehand.  

I strongly recommend learning in 2 hour blocks as it has been proven to be more effective from scientific literature and personal experience. I also can tutor via an online medium in conjunction to face-to-face teaching

Hoping to hear from you,

– Vinuth S.

He’s a great tutor, very responsive and supportive! Makes lessons interesting as well as informative and have improved greatly since being a student of his.

Akshitha Student

He’s a engaging tutor that clearly loves bio and every lesson is fun ! Makes bio interesting.

Nitika Student

Exceptional Chemistry tutor. Makes dry and complex concepts easy to understand. Really enjoy the content now and getting really good SAC and practice exam scores. Thanks Vinuth!

Nishith Student

Interested in hiring Vinuth to be your tutor?

Vinuth S – Primary School Science, English, Maths, Humanities, Years 7-10, VCE Biology, VCE Chemistry and VCE English Language Tutor