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Vina P

Vina P

Hi! I'm Vina, a Primary School and Years 7 - 10 Maths and Science, and HSC Biology, Chemistry, Investigating Science and Extension Tutor (92 ATAR equivalent). I am very passionate about science and nature and that is how I am currently doing research on stem cells and medical devices. When I was a university student I also enjoyed tutoring primary and high school students, and learned that studying should be about building interest, passion, and continuous learning of a particular field. The goal of studying is only partly about scoring well in exam (this is important too!) but what's more important is how you feel and how much understanding you gain that is enough to guide you towards pursuing your passion! Shoot me a message anytime. Let's learn and achieve your study goals together!

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Hello! My name is Vina.

I am a doctoral student from the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW, Sydney. My research is about stem cells mechanics and responses to guide them into developing tissues of interest, and I have the next 3-4 years to understand stem cells behavior under certain mechanical stimulation and hopefully to use this information to aid tissue regeneration.

Before I decided to pursue a career in research, I was always a full time scientist in training; I majored in Science in high school and scored 92 in the final exam, I have completed my undergraduate in Biotechnology in 2014, Master thesis in the state-of-the-art Tissue Engineering in 2017, and I have worked in a famous Children’s cancer institute as a research assistant until 2019. My time in research has taught me about the importance of thinking critically, observing carefully, and noting down things in details, and these scientific values are what I look forward to share with all my mentees when learning Science.

My first tutoring job was when I just graduated form high school, I was a Maths and Science tutor for primary school. Since then, I have become more passionate in teaching and with the years of learning, it would only be meaningful if knowledge and experience can be shared. I look forward to continue this mentor and mentee journey with you both in person and online.


I am based in Greenacre, NSW, and I am available on the weekdays (Tue-Fri) late afternoon and any time on the weekend. I am also available to tutor online via Learnmate’s online learning platform.

Fees per hour:

for online tutoring: primary $35, year 7-10: $40, year 11-12: $45

for in person tutoring: primary $40, year 7-10 $45, year 11-12 $50