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Tina S

Tina S

Hi! I'm Tina, a Years 7 - 10, QCE English & Literature Extension, Essential English, General & Specialist Maths, Essential Maths, Maths Methods, Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Science and Spanish Tutor (92 ATAR). I understand that different people can struggle with different things e.g. techniques to remember rules better, techniques to do better in exams, fundamentally understanding the content being taught, etc. and I aim to work out what specifically people are not doing as well at currently and help them improve that.

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Tutor for: Maths (any level), IT (any level), English (any level), Physics (any level), Chemistry (any level), Science (any level), Spanish (any level).

I work as a software developer for a business intelligence company. I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Science degree (with a major in Computer Science) and an Arts degree (with a major in Spanish). As somebody who has left the education system, I can give real-world examples of how education can improve people’s lives and explain the value of doing well in school. I can help with understanding computer hardware, or programming, in IT subjects, but note that any artistic-related IT components (e.g. Photoshop, video editing, animation, etc.) is not a part of university-level computer science and hence not something I know about. I am highly proficient in mathematics, general science, physics, and chemistry, and can assist with anything in those fields. My Arts degree gave me a strong understanding of English, including literary/film analysis, as well as a reasonable proficiency in Spanish.

I have a very strong understanding of how the education system works and how school grades get converted into end-of-school scores like the OP or ATAR, and I am happy to explain details that your school may not have explained to you so that you can make informed decisions about subject selection. I also have a very strong knowledge of free, quality external resources that can help you maximize your school results that I am happy to share.

Kids often ask “what is the point of school?” and I think the education system often does a bad job of answering that question. If people aren’t motivated to do well, then they probably won’t, so I think it is important to communicate to people how school subjects add value to their lives. The reality is that school grades are necessary for the university courses you can get into and what career you can get into, which has a huge impact on how much money you can earn and your quality of life. Some careers that people often assume do well financially actually don’t, so I think it is important to actually look up salary data from reasonable sources to make informed decision about what kind of career you want to aim for.

Studying Law (OP 7 at QUT): Leads to a job as legal counsel, average yearly salary of $107,258 (Source:

Studying Engineering (Civil Engineering) (OP 12 at QUT): Leads to a job as a civil engineer, average yearly salary of $73,505 (Source:

Studying Science (Chemistry) (OP 14 at QUT): Leads to a job as a chemist, average yearly salary of $60,665 (Source:

Example of a job with non-university training – Kitchen Chef, average yearly salary of $51,611 (Source:

Example of a job with no training required – Sales representative, average yearly salary of $59,241 (Source:

Obviously there is a reasonable amount of variation depending on what specific training/career you look at, but just to get a general sense as to how substantially particular university courses can affect your ability to afford the life you want, these examples hopefully illustrate why tutoring is a worthwhile investment. There are also specific opportunities with the Defence Force which often want good school results in relevant subjects, and many other pathways which benefit from good school results. Obviously doing a job you hate just for the money won’t make you happy, but chances are there is a decently paying job out there that would work for you, if you can get the scores to get into it.

Regardless of whether you want to do a little better or a lot better, or you just want some help with assignments to make your life a bit easier, contact me and let’s work together to get you the best possible outcomes.

Online only.


Available online only. $40/hr. Available at almost any time on the weekend. Available on weekdays after 5:30 PM.