Thomas B – VCE English Tutor

“VCE isn’t inherently an overwhelming period. With the right help, it can be no problem at all. Let’s tackle it together!”

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About Thomas

Hey! I appreciate you taking the time to read this. My name is Thomas, I’m currently living at Monash University in Clayton and I love tutoring.

I achieved an ATAR of 95.10, with an English study score of 44, in 2015 and am currently studying a bachelor of Science Advanced- Research at Monash. I engage in many hobbies including badminton, social justice activism and playing various instruments including violin, trumpet and bass guitar. I was able to keep this up during grade 12 due to my ability to manage my time and study habits. I believe VCE doesn’t have to be a time of stress and sacrifice if you handle it correctly and the ability to do so is what I want to share with you.

During my time at TSFX, I was able to meet with VCE English Examiners who helped me create a list of the most helpful tips for students when preparing for their English exam which I share with all my students.

My experience:

I tutored English, Biology and Psychology at my high school, Emmanuel College Notre Dame, throughout my VCE and was once asked to teach a grade 12 biology class for a week to allow the teacher to hold private interviews with students. I’ve had good results with my tutoring so far but want to kick it up a notch now that I’m with Learnmate.

I’m a residential advisor for Monash Residential which means I’m trained in communication, mental health management, first aid and diversity awareness. I use this training to create an effective and comfortable learning environment for all my students.

I also hold a valid working with children check and mental health first aid certificate.

As part of my degree, I study communication and presentation and this has provided me with invaluable literary skills that I would be more than willing to share with you.

Costs, Location & Availability:

I’ll do my best to accommodate for your schedule when organising our tutoring sessions. Living at Monash University, I am always near a library and public transport and thus available to meet up often and at short notice if necessary. I also check my emails daily so will be highly responsive should you need help between tutoring sessions.

My charge is only $40 per hour and I offer a free 30-minute introductory session to let us become acquainted, comfortable and prepared to learn.

Interested in hiring Thomas to be your tutor?

Thomas B – VCE English Tutor