Thomas Z – VCE Accounting, EAL, Economics & VCE Maths Methods Tutor

“I will share my proven teaching philosophy to help you succeed in VCE and beyond!”

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About Thomas

I’d like to congratulate you for making the first step towards VCE success as having the right guidance is of paramount importance in achieving your goal!


I graduated from Camberwell Grammar School in 2013 with an ATAR of 98.25. I consider knowledge-sharing my biggest passion so I have been helping students in the last two years. Combining two years of tutoring experience and my own learning methods, which are still relevant in my university studies, I have developed a unique teaching philosophy that has proven to be effective with the majority of my students.

What is your proven teaching philosophy?

My philosophy revolves around three pivots: Student-centric lesson planning; simplicity in explanation and relevant practice.

Student-centric lesson planning: My experience has taught me that every individual is different in their learning styles so one-size-fit-all lesson planning cannot possibly cater for the needs of different students. What I will do is to tailor the curriculum so that it fits your personal learning style the best while ensuring that you are making the necessary progress toward the desirable subject outcome. This is achieved by having a diagnostic session (usually the first lesson) which is then followed up by regular individualized mini-tests throughout the semester.

Simplicity in explanation: Albert Einstein once said, ‘if you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’. My familiarity with the content means that I will help you make sense of hard concepts in simple terms and analogies. You can expect my explanations to be concise, insightful and easy to remember!

Relevant practice: Most students approach VCE with admirable diligence: They work their way through all the past exams and mock papers available on the market. However, the sad truth is that 90% of their effort does not translate into higher ATAR. My own VCE experience has lead me to believe that the most important thing when it comes to VCE preparation is the ability to work smartly. For instance, instead of inundating my students with questions, I will selectively choose a few that help their understandings or are reflective of the real exam-question styles, which unsurprisingly change from year to year.

Hopefully, you can see how the three pivots work interactively to deliver the best outcome for you. By tailoring lessons specific to your needs I am able to set questions that can target your personal area of weaknesses, which can be quickly reinforced by my easy-to-remember explanations. Saving time from unnecessary practice will, in turn, enables me to further personalise your lessons and hence form a beneficial cycle of continuous improvement!

How qualified are you in the subjects you teach?

Economics (ATAR: 40)— also the state winner in 2013 ASB Australian Economic Competition

EAL (ATAR: 44)—recently achieved an average band score of 8/9 in IELTS

MM (ATAR: 44)—experienced in tutoring this subject

Accounting—although I didn’t do accounting as a VCE subject, I have undertaken it as one of my major at the University of Melbourne. So far, I have achieved first-class honor results in all of my accounting subjects. I have a solid understanding of VCE-level content and have over 120-hour experience tutoring VCE Accounting.


I live in the Middle Camberwell area and have no problem to travel to any surrounding suburbs (e.g: Kew, Canterbury, Surry Hills) as well as the CBD with for no extra charge. If you are further away than a 15-minute drive from where I live (excluding the CBD and Parkville area—the University of Melbourne), I would be happy to negotiate a meeting place where it is convenient for both of us to travel for no extra charge. If this cannot be arranged, I will take into account the travel costs required. I am available everyday except for Monday and Thursday.

I hold a valid Working with Children’s Check and a valid Victorian Driver’s License.


I am charging $47/hour for private tutoring and $27/hour for group tutoring sessions. (NB: In order to ensure the best learning outcome for my students, I will only accept groups with up to 3 people)


1. $20 off your next lesson for every friend you refer;

2. Contact me before 1/5/2016, have $20 off your first lesson.

Interested in hiring Thomas to be your tutor?

Thomas Z – VCE Accounting, EAL, Economics & VCE Maths Methods Tutor