Thom N – WACE Literature and Ancient History Tutor

“Providing expert comments on essay drafts and teaching essential skills through engaging lessons.”

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About Thom

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile.

As you can see above, my name is Thom Nevill. I’m currently in the third year of an Anthropology and Sociology degree at the University of Western Australia.


I attained an 87 ATAR and studied at Shenton College. I have continued to receive high marks throughout my time at UWA. My aim as a tutor is to pass on the important skills that I have learnt at university, to students at a year 12 and 11 level so they can get a step ahead of other students.


Tutor Background


I’ve been tutoring for the last two years, independently and for two agencies. I have enjoyed the work and find it very rewarding when my students work improve. For one student, Ji, English is his second language. Teaching Ji was a key learning experience. Through working with him I’ve learned how to clearly communicate ideas and structure my lessons around a particular set of needs.


I know it can be irritating when you’re not getting what you want out of a tutor, so I take time to communicate with my students, to ensure I know what they want out of a lesson. Be there a need for materials such as academic papers that will improve the sophistication of your answers, or more practical worksheets that I’ll go through you. I aim to carefully frame my lessons around my students needs.


My success as a tutor is evident in that two of my past students received an 90 ATAR and more importantly, there has been clear improvements to all my students work leading up to their crucial year 12 exams.


Areas of Expertise :


  • Providing insightful feedback on essay drafts, before you hand them into your teacher!
  • Teaching effective methods to prepare for examinations, based on my past experiences at university
  • Preparing practice examinations based on the WACE curriculum and clearly communicating feedback


Key Info


Subjects : English, Literature, Ancient History and Modern History


Year Levels : 10, 11 & 12


Price? I charge 37 dollars for an hour session and 42 for 90 minute session. This does not include time spent marking drafts and providing university resources other students do not have access to. In addition, I am always contactable via email.


Where? Typically I conduct my lessons at the University of Western Australia. However, I am open to conducting lessons wherever it is easy for my students.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you and contributing to your learning experience.



Thomas Nevill

Interested in hiring Thom to be your tutor?

Thom N – WACE Literature and Ancient History Tutor