Tashinga M – HSC English (Std, Adv, Ext 1, Ext 2), S & C & HSC Modern History Tutor

“Unlock your potential in the HSC from a patient, passionate and productive tutor!”

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About Tashinga

Hello! Thank you for considering me as your tutor for HSC English, Society and Culture and Modern History.

I completed my HSC in 2014 receiving an ATAR of 98.55, coming first in HSC English Advanced, Society and Culture, Modern History and Drama at school and producing exemplary major works and being Dux of All Saints Catholic Senior College. My passion and enthusiasm for learning was reflected in my role as part of the Student Representative Council and various extracurricular awards in debating, public speaking, community service, leadership and advocacy.

I was able to pursue my passion at the tertiary level where I’m studying Law/Arts at the most prestigious law school and one of Australia’s highest ranked universities, the University of New South Wales.

I have had the immense pleasure of passing on and imbuing student with my expertise for over 2 years via tutoring, essay marking and exam preparation. I have had the honour and pride in seeing my students achieve exemplary results; with some progressing first place at their respective high school within the subjects I tutored them.

Learning Approach

If you feel like you are struggling with the concepts, essay writing, creative writing or even short answer, or aren’t receiving adequate feedback or not improving following your last assessments, I am able to help and push you forward. These skills don’t come naturally and at times it is frustrating and tiring when one attempts to wade through the concepts.

Often students don’t need to be spoon-fed, overwhelmed with further resources or replicate their classrooms but desire clarification, unlocking their own personal strengths and ideas, receiving support, motivation and inspiration in their content. This is my philosophy of tutoring.

With me as your tutor I’ll equip you with the necessary skills to approach essay and creative writing, research, improving grammar and spelling in the subjects mentioned above. I’ll also teach you how to approach HSC Examinations, the best strategies including agile responsiveness and time management.

Despite the change in the modules for HSC English in 2014, I am able to guide you specifically with your area of study, read new texts as well as offer content on related texts. I have a thorough knowledge of all rubrics at the Standard, Advanced and Extension level as a result of my two years of experience. This is the same for Society and Culture. In Modern History I provide specialist knowledge in World War One, Germany, Leni Riefenstahl and Albert Speer as well as Conflict in Europe.

Pricing and Location

My base rate is $48 per hour, however if you feel you are unable to afford this and are in dire need of a tutor, then it’s subject to negotiation. This includes teaching and marking essays. I am a patient, understanding, rigorous tutor and discussions will often be in depth and feedback substantive.

Tutoring will take place either at a location of your choosing or at any public libraries including UNSW, UTS, University of Sydney and UWS campuses in Parramatta or Campbelltown. If you desire a private atmosphere, I am willing to travel on location and this will be subject to a fee of $5.

Interested in hiring Tashinga to be your tutor?

Tashinga M – HSC English (Std, Adv, Ext 1, Ext 2), S & C & HSC Modern History Tutor