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Sourish A

Sourish A

Hi! I'm Sourish, a Years 7-10 and IB Physics, Chemistry, Economics HL, and Maths SL Tuto (ATAR, HSC and VCE equivalents) Tutor -(Predicted 7's in all with a predicted ATAR of 97.35). I will help you understand difficult topics, organise your work and pinpoint areas that are important and pivotal in understanding the overall topic.

  • Fill 1Chemistry
  • Fill 1Economics SL or HL
  • Fill 1Chemistry SL or HL
  • Fill 1Physics SL or HL


Hi, I’m Sourish and currently am enrolled in University of New South Wales in Actuarial Studies. I graduated from Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology (QASMT), the top performing high school in Queensland. By tutoring you, I will be able to share the study techniques that I utilised to have such high marks allowing me to share my passion of tutoring evident by my experience of over 100 hours of tutoring.

Achieving high marks in my tutoring subjects as well as in my IAs/essays during Year 11 and 12, I can also assist in writing and editing reports especially in the following IB subjects:

  • Maths Advanced / Maths Methods / Mathematics SL – 7/7 (A+)
  • HSC/ATAR Chemistry / Chemistry HL – 7/7 (A+)
  • HSC/ATAR Economics / Economics HL – 7/7 (A+)
  • HSC/ATAR Physics / Physics HL – 6/7 (A)

Although I studied the International Baccalaureate program, I can tutor General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Mathematics for both primary and secondary students. I can also tutor upto Method Mathematics for ATAR students.

As a recent graduate of the IB curriculum, I understand the struggles and stress that students go through in school, juggling between studies and a social life! I believe that I can help you achieve your goals in your studies.

I have experience tutoring at QASMT as a Year 12 peer tutor and have also taught other students privately outside school. I can assist in maximising grades whilst recognising the other commitments and extra-curricular activities. I believe that with the right study techniques and time management skills, anyone can progress from being a below-average to a top-performing student. I will also cater for the needs of the specific individual and can provide several resources (cheat sheets, example essays, and past paper explanations) to pass on to students.

I am available at libraries or in-home tutoring ($45/hr) depending on the address and on online platforms ($40/hr). I can also provide both group and individual tuition.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries. :)



Location and availability:

Very flexible with tutoring available all days of the week online or in person. Will also be available to help from anywhere via Learnmate’s online learning platform.

Rate: $40/h

I look forward to starting with you soon and hearing about where you aspire to be after graduating. We shall make a plan to get there and put it into action.