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Shuyu W

Shuyu W

Hi! I'm Shuyu, a Years 7-10 and HSC Physics, Chemistry, Advanced English and Advanced Maths Tutor (ATAR 96.1). I am reachable outside of tutoring hours and I am also happy to give you guys extra help especially during exam periods.

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  • Fill 1Advanced Maths / Maths (2U)
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Hello, my name is Shuyu and I am a current engineering student at UNSW.

I graduated from a selective high school in the Shire and tutored students for more than three years until interrupted by my thesis and internship. I achieved an ATAR of 96.1 thanks to an English result of 89, Physics 89, and Chemistry 88, all of which I’m experienced and confident in tutoring. I also studied 4U Maths and am comfortable with tutoring 2U Adv. Maths.

I am happy to provide tutoring in-person at my specified areas as well as online. Hoping to see you soon!



I am located in Hurstville and am available all days.

For in-person individual tutoring, I charge $40/hr for Stage 4 and 5 subjects (Yr 7-10) and $55/hr for HSC. Group tutoring rates are the baseline individual rate plus $25/hr more for every additional student for Stage 4 and 5, and $30/hr more per additional student for HSC.

For individual online tutoring, I charge $5/hr less than in-person rates. For group online tutoring, the rate for every additional person is also $5/hr less than my in-person rate.

I am also reachable outside of tutoring hours and am happy to give you guys extra help especially during exam periods. I look forward to being your tutor!