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Shravan C

Shravan C

Hi! I'm Shravan, a Primary School, Years 7-10, and QCE English, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry, French, Music, and Science Tutor. My goal for you is to work with you to make you more enthusiastic, passionate, and confident with your learning.

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My name is Shravan and I am a former Prefect and now graduate of Mansfield State High School with an ATAR of 99.50. My best subject was music, and I received the highest marks in the state for it (100% overall). I also received very high marks in all other subjects (98% for French, 97% for Chemistry, 93% for Maths Methods and English, and 84% for Specialist Maths). I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Paramedicine, but I have always loved teaching, and would love to help you out!

My goal is to work with you as a team to make you more enthusiastic, passionate, and confident with your learning. Having been acquainted with the new ATAR system, I can share many tips and tricks to help my students with exams, study, work/life balance, university applications, and school as a whole. Education is a journey, and I hope to make it a little easier for you, with detailed explanations, extra resources, and help at any time of the day. I attribute my success in ATAR to my dedication to my work and understanding the inner workings of the system. Although it was difficult at first, I believe my knowledge of how assessments and the course content are structured is comprehensive enough to ensure my students succeed in their endeavours.

One thing I have found from my past experience as a tutor is that everyone is their own special snowflake when it comes to learning styles – no two people learn the same way. By tailoring my lesson plans to address my students’ specific needs, building on their weaknesses, and testing the limits of their strengths, I believe I can provide a unique and personalised learning experience for my students.


My rates are:

  • Year 7-9: $35/hr
  • Year 10: $40/hr
  • Year 11-12: $50/hr

Group lesson discounts: $5/hr for each student

I like to encourage first-time students to have a 1.5 hour session first (for no additional cost), so we can work through what they wish to achieve from my lessons.

I’m happy to travel 15-20 mins from Rochedale, or to any major shopping centre or public library in Brisbane, but feel free to contact me to check! I am available on Wednesday – Friday from 3pm onwards and Sunday any time.

Thank you for considering me, and I hope to see you soon!