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Shivwani A

Shivwani A

Hi! I'm Shivwani, a Primary School English Tutor, and I can develop your child's language skills.

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Hello, I am currently a Communication student and also a Published Author so naturally my command over the English language is quite strong. I believe the reason to that being true is because of the teachers who instilled the necessary knowledge into my little head as a child. It all depends on how you’re brought up and that becomes a part of your reality.

I am able to effectively form the base knowledge of the English language with a primary school child as I aim to acknowledge their strengths first and work from there to come up with techniques for them to communicate with ease. In the spare time, I like to play with the kids and help them with their homework to apply those techniques.

I can confidently say I can develop your child’s language skills


I reside in Ultimo, Sydney and am available every day of the week after 4pm excluding Tuesdays!

I tutor $54 p/h, but if you feel I should spend more time on your child, we can work with $40 p/h so that he/she gets the most out of the lessons