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Sarah A

Sarah A

Hi there! I'm Sarah, a Years 7 - 10, HSC Maths Standard 1, HSC Maths Standard 2, HSC Maths (Advanced), HSC Maths Extension 1, HSC English and HSC Japanese Tutor (98.40), and I strive to help my students achieve the best results they can in HSC!

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Hi! My name is Sarah and I am an enthusiastic and experienced English, Mathematics and Japanese tutor, and I strive to help my students achieve the best results they can. I am fluent in Japanese and in my spare time I like listening to music, going to the gym and spending time with my friends.

I am from Victoria however I am now living and tutoring in NSW. I achieved an ATAR of 98.40, with a raw 44 study score in English, and scaled scores of 49 in Japanese (Second Language) and 45 in Mathematical Methods. I am studying to become an actuary and have 5 years of experience tutoring students from ages 12 to 18. 

I can empathise with students struggling to understand more complex concepts, and if one method is not working, try an alternative way. Each student is different, and requires a unique teaching style. Having been aided by private tutors and tutoring companies for over 10 years, I believe I have a great understanding of what a truly great tutor should be.

Supportive, passionate, patient and always only a text or email away when students need help the day before an assessment!

English is a challenging subject and I feel that sometimes students struggle with not quite understanding what exactly they did wrong, or feeling that the English teacher is reading far too much into the text! I understand this well because that was once me. Because of this, my aim to give plenty of constructive feedback and my goal is to help every student find their passion in this subject.

In maths I have found that students often try to just memorise formulas without really understanding them, which becomes difficult in application questions. In my lessons, I endeavour to explain WHY formulas exist and instil a greater understanding of the subject in my students.

The main areas of focus covered in my tutorials include:

  • Assessment preparation
  • Familiarisation with the text
  • Essays
  • Going over past assessments to clarify difficult concepts
  • Textbook questions
  • Explaining complicated theory

I have seen phenomenal growth in my students over the years. I have had many students who come to me getting Cs and Ds, unenthused about the subject and ready to give up. By the end of the year, many of my students have improved to As and Bs, and have more a passion and confidence than before! I also have a number of students who are already high achievers, and looking to place in the top 1-2% of the state. I have a unique approach for these students, and accelerate their learning to ensure they are always ahead of the curve.


I live in the Chatswood area but am also frequently at Macquarie Park.

I prefer to tutor at a public library on Saturdays, however I can also meet after school during the week. 

I also hold a valid Working with Children’s Check, and valid Driver’s Licence. It is of great importance to me that the tuition I offer is not only of the highest quality, but also affordable. Therefore, I only charge $47 per hour for tuition. Contact me today to discuss your HSC goals, and we’ll start making plans to get you there!


"Ayrton has been very happy with his tutor Sarah Andrews. She is very reliable and has helped Ayrton improve in both Maths Methods and English. She is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend her." - Sandra, Past Parent

"Yes she really enjoyed it. She learnt a lot from Sarah in just that first session so that’s really positive." - Nicole, Past Parent

"Sarah is very patient, friendly and has helped me so much throughout this year! I really do not know what I would do without her. She’s the best!!!" - Them, Current Student

"Sarah provides great feedback!" - Kathy, Past Student