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About Sam

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my profile.

My name is Sam and I have a strong passion for English and writing in general.

I was able to achieve a score of 50 raw in English and 49 raw in Literature in 2016. Last year, I was also able to obtain a score of 47 in Media, 44 in Australian History and 45 in Global Politics. I am therefore extremely familiar of what is expected to perform well, and how to fill any gaps you may have. Additionally, I was Dux of English at Scotch College in 2015, and Dux of Media from Year 10 to Year 12. 

I would love to share my passion and knowledge to current Year 11 and Year 12 students, and will be offering my private tutoring services for units ½ and ¾ Australian History, English, Literature and Media!

English can be a very challenging subject to grasp, especially with so many different topics/themes for students to tackle in their core texts. That is why it is my aim to break down these topics and themes for my students in a systematic fashion that makes English easy, more enjoyable, and ensures a greater understanding of what is required in the subject to do really well! My main goal is to help you achieve your very best in VCE English, Literature and Media.

Many students have commented to me that the VCE core texts are often tedious and disengaging, and thus very difficult to empathise with their themes and characters. That is why I believe my passion for these subjects and enthusiastic personality can totally change your attitude! It is often something only as simple as a boring teacher that can make a subject difficult. My aim is to completely change that.

Like English, Literature and Media can be very dry and monotonous. It is my aim to provide clarity, to go through each passage and question one by one, and cover all gaps my students may feel they have.

For both English and Literature, I can help you with:

  • Correcting essays
  • Analysing themes and characters within your core texts
  • Essential skills required for comparative analysis
  • Identifying structure, language techniques and relevant metalanguage
  • Critical passage analysis techniques, looking carefully at close language analysis and language features
  • Writing a great essay!

For Media, I can help you with:

  • In-depth analysis of your chosen films
  • Filmic terminology
  • Covering essential content in all units of the current study design
  • Your SAT projects (I was able to score 70/70 for my final VCE media folio project)

I am available to contact via phone and email 7 days a week, and am always happy to answer any questions you may have, whether it’s a challenging topic/question, or simply a general query – however big or small. I will also share with you all my notes/top-scoring essays from each of these subjects, as well as any SAC preparation techniques and text analysis documents.

I live the Armadale/Malvern area, so you are more than welcome to come to me or I can come to you – which ever suits. I am available Monday to Friday, and I will do my utmost best to accommodate you into my schedule!

I also hold a valid Working with Children’s Check.

I am only charging $70 per hour, with the first half hour of your session free of charge! Contact me today and let’s get you right on track for VCE success!

Knows his subject and delivers it in a way my daughter understands. Sam has developed a great rapport with my daughter which makes it easy for her to feel comfortable in his presence and be receptive to his tutoring knowledge which gives her much needed confidence in her English subject.

Kim Previous Parent

Thanks for all the support and advice Sam.

George Student

Interested in hiring Sam to be your tutor?

Sam Z – VCE Aus History, English, Literature & VCE Media Tutor