Sai A – Primary School, Years 7 – 10 Maths, VCE Maths Methods and VCE Physics Tutor

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Sai – VCE Physics and  Maths Tutor (Yr 7-10 and VCE)

Hi all! Thanks for taking your time to read my profile.

Have you ever had that teacher who just reads off the textbook and just assumes the student should understand it. Words go through one ear and come out the other. Hours of your own time wasted to fully comprehend what you have just learned in class. I’ve had that experience, during my VCE!! Fortunately I have also had teachers who given up their own valuable time to prepare concise notes, practice questions, personalised one-on-one sessions with the students, weekly quizzes and the list goes on and on… Most of all they made even the hardest of topics melt into our brains, they made learning FUN!! I also aspire the provide my students with the same kind of  attention I was give during my VCE years and  instil confidence in them.

Throughout my VCE year I have found out the moulding to each student’s learning requirements is essential for being a successful teacher and in my tutoring sessions you’ll get nothing less. You decide on how you want the sessions to run, maybe you want start the session by a small quiz or some application questions, the choice up to you. I have no tutoring experience but I have helped several friends during VCE  years and they have condemned me for my ability at simplify complicated topics and I also learned a lot by being a student of amazing teachers.

I completed my VCE in 2020 attaining an ATAR of 93.55. I got raw 45 in Maths Methods and 43 in Physics. And I’m currently undertaking a bachelor of Engineering at Monash University.

I provide students with:

  • concise yet comprehensive notes
  • exam papers
  • revision sessions before major SAC’s and exam
  • practice material
  • phone and email support throughout the week

I’ll be charging $35 p/h for individual classes and $30 p/h for group classes consisting of 2 students. I’ll be available form 4-6pm on Monday’s and 4-7pm on Fridays. However I might be able to be flexible and choose a suitable time for both of us. I will do my best to accomodate you to my schedule.

I only offer online classes. Classes can conducted via Zoom or Skype.

Thanks for reading my profile. Hope to hear form you soon!


Mount Waverley, Vic, 3149 (Online tutor)

price : $35 p/h (individual) , $30 p/h (group class consisting 2 people)Â


Monday: 4-6pm

Friday: 4-7pm

May conduct more sessions if the student requires additional hours.

Interested in hiring Sai to be your tutor?

Sai A – Primary School, Years 7 – 10 Maths, VCE Maths Methods and VCE Physics Tutor