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Sahajpreet S

Sahajpreet S

Hi! I'm Sahajpreet, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10 Maths Tutor. A practical approach along with timely supply of examples from our daily lives will always accompany my sessions.

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Hello potential students and Team LearnMate!

My name is Sahajpreet Singh. At present, I am enrolled in Master of Data Science from RMIT University. I completed my Bachelors with a major in Statistics from Delhi University, India in 2019 and my high school from CBSE, India in 2016. I was able to score well throughout my studies (especially Mathematics) and hope to continue the same (Although the scores are just a medium and not the deciding factor for a student’s actual potential).

I have joined LearnMate as a mathematics tutor for all years in Victoria. I am comfortable with both online and in-person sessions. Apart from the sessions, I’ll always be a call away for all my students. The best thing about tutoring is the way we relate to the students. Being a student myself, I am familiar with the topics which many students are unclear about, especially in Mathematics. Moreover, we have already faced such situations during our high school.

A practical approach along with timely supply of examples from our daily lives will always accompany my sessions. Along with the material from LearnMate, I have some of my own notes as well with an “Indian Flavor”. I hope you find me suitable.

Thank you for this opportunity.


At present, I am staying in Melbourne city. I can commute using Public transport and a bicycle as well. I have already included all the suburbs in my profile. If needed, I can travel once or twice a week to suburbs which are not that near to the city.

I’ll charge an hourly rate of AUD 45 for individual students. If there’s a group, I’ll reduce the rate (I prefer a group of at most 3).

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, my classes have been shifted to online platforms, hence increasing my available hours. If a student is not comfortable for an in-person session, we can have it online as well. I hope things get back to normal as soon as possible.

Stay safe, and go out as least as possible.