Rhumer D – Years 7-10, QCE Drama and Film, QCE TV and New Media Studies Tutor

Receive supportive tutoring in a range of written and practical learning areas from a passionate and experience Drama and Film, Television and Media Studies tutor.

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About Rhumer

Hello! Thank you for looking over my profile.

My name is Rhumer and I am offering support in:

  • Drama studies
  • Film, Television and Media Studies
  • Assignment Writing

across years 7-12

I have studied Drama and Media Studies from high school right up until my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the University of Queensland. I also have over five years experience working in the Brisbane theatre industry, as well as currently completing my Masters to become an arts teacher. This training and experience has given me direct skills and practice of working in the arts and teaching the Queensland Curriculum in these subjects to secondary students.

I have always been passionate about the arts, with a particular devotion to the performing arts in my work and tertiary studies. This passion definitely translates to my tutoring practice, with a key value for student individuality throughout their learning. When designing a tutoring process I ensure that we are creating a process that is not only suitable and engaging for the student, but also enjoyable and appealing to them regardless of what topic, practice or task we are focusing on.

Whether the student is confident with some areas of the subject  or practice and looking to develop their knowledge or skills in another, or if they have been struggling to find their personal engagement with the subject overall, I aim to instill a passion, confidence and joy in learning in the arts (Drama and Film TV and New Media) overall.

I am familiar with the current curriculum in both Drama and Media Studies, as well as having a range of skills in critical and creative writing, content construction, performance and production practices, and supportive mentoring. I am able to support students students in their development of

  1. Reading and discussing provided content (novels, poetry, plays, films, media content etc.)
  2. Analysing and Evaluating this content with focal goals or purposes in mind
  3. Mind mapping, note taking and arranging thoughts and considerations taken from this analysis/discussion process (numbers 1 and 2)
  4. Assignment planning, writing and drafting
  5. Essay structuring and writing and referencing
  6. Creative writing (short stories, plays, film concepts and pitches)
  7. Production overview (feedback and support when drafting and executing drama performance and production, film design or Media creations)

This is just a general list. I am able to support a wide range of other components of the curriculum when given the learning context and relevant tasks or goals.

Part of my support as a tutor includes the offer of regular phone, email or Skype contact support. If you have any questions throughout the week, I can offer you help as needed through these forms of contact. I will also email a written copy of my notes, and any relevant quotes that you may need after each tutoring session if desired.

Last but not least, I can also provide FREE access to my previous workshops on playwriting, the elements of drama and theatre conventions, and essay writing for arts subjects which can further support our tutoring sessions and classroom learning.

I live in the south Brisbane area, but am able to travel to, and book or arrange, a variety of study locations and facilities such as public libraries, spaces and/or cafes throughout Brisbane upon negotiation. I can also come to your home or a set up location – whichever suits our availability and study needs. I currently study online and am usually available weekdays with flexible hours; please see the times when I am available to tutor you. I will do my best to accommodate a time and location that works for both of our schedules and needs.

I hold a valid Working with Children’s Check. I am able to arrange my own transport to the locations we desire, however I may need to arrange my times to suit public transport on some occasions.

I am only charging $20 per hour, with the first half hour of your session free of charge!

Get in contact with me today and let’s get started on working towards learning and achieving success this year!

Interested in hiring Rhumer to be your tutor?

Rhumer D – Years 7-10, QCE Drama and Film, QCE TV and New Media Studies Tutor