Rhianna D – Year 12 HSC English Advanced, HSC Ancient History and HSC Legal Studies Tutor

Maximise your HSC marks with a former school captain who achieved straight Band 5s!

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About Rhianna

Welcome! I appreciate you coming to meet me.

I achieved an overall ATAR of 88.10 just last year in 2017, including individual HSC marks of 87 in English Advanced, 89 in Ancient History and 87 in Legal Studies. I have so many tips that I would love to give to other senior students who are either undertaking the HSC. It is my goal to bring out the very best in the individual, and to be able to showcase a student’s knowledge when they put pen to paper, and this is ultimately where all the marks come in. With strict focus on the curriculum, my lessons stay on track but also leave room for creative expression.

Further, I believe that the humanities subjects can be so much more engaging when the student understands their own unique writing style and is able to simultaneously keep a close eye on the marking criteria. This is key to the student’s success and their inner drive to keep going! Hence, I have a great passion for English and the humanities!

I have heard many students who are looking for explicit teaching, and that is why I also wanted to become a tutor. Students want to be told what they need to do, or shown the standard in which they are expected to reach, in order to achieve that top mark. As a recent student myself, this is also what I hoped for but didn’t always receive from teachers. I am here to provide this as a tutor.

I am familiar with the HSC curriculum for current Year 12 students. I am mainly equipped to teach Year 12 English Advanced, Legal Studies and Ancient History, and have knowledge in:

  • HSC exam preparation
  • Essays
  • Answering exam questions
  • Core areas of the Legal Studies syllabus
  • Core areas of the Ancient History syllabus
  • Extensive understanding of the Area of Study: Discovery for English Advanced, and specific/in depth understanding of the following for English Advanced:
  • Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context (Texts – Pride & Prejudice, Letters to Alice)
  • Module B: Critical Study of Texts (Texts – Christina Rossetti poems)
  • Module C: Representation and Text, Elective 1: Representing People and Politics (Text- Wag the Dog)

On top of face to face lessons, I am also available to ring or answer calls from students 6 days a week, and I do check my email if not daily, every second day, so students can email me questions or work to check throughout the week. I also have very valuable notes that I personally used last year, that I can share with students.

I live in Guildford which is in the Western Sydney area, and I can travel to any nearby library including Guildford Library, Merrylands Library, Parramatta Library, Fairfield Library or any others that are near a train station, as I unfortunately am only on my Learner’s License. If you would like you may come to my home as another option. I am available 3 days per week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday and possibly Tuesday afternoon. Please see the times when I am available to tutor you. I will certainly try my best to accommodate you into my schedule.

I also hold a valid Working with Children’s Check.

Prices are negotiable and very reasonable as I am just starting off as a tutor. Contact me today so that we can get to work and get you that ATAR that you deserve!

Interested in hiring Rhianna to be your tutor?

Rhianna D – Year 12 HSC English Advanced, HSC Ancient History and HSC Legal Studies Tutor