Redwan F – Years 7-8, VCE Accounting and VCE Economics Tutor.

“My goal is help my students achieve their academic goals in a fun and engaging manner!”

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About Redwan

About me & qualifications:

Hi guys. My name is Redwan and I am about to complete my undergraduate studies in Accounting and Law, with honours, at RMIT University (December 2017).

As a tutor, I will be aiding students to pursue the best academic versions of themselves through a tailored approach.
I achieved a minimum score of 80/100 across all my courses in accounting, economics, and law in university. The depth of my knowledge in these subjects coupled with my a thorough understanding of the relevant theories were the reasons why I was also able to receive a full scholarship for my honours.

Henceforth, a strong foundation in the aforementioned subjects will allow me to understand and grasp the shortcomings of my students and assist them in a comprehensive manner.

Ultimately, understanding the board requirements would be the most important aspect a tutor would have to consider in ensuring that the teaching method applied is not only rational for the student, but it also meets criteria of the system in which the student has to flourish. I have previously tutored HSC students with accounting and economics. I have also mentored university students throughout my time at university. I have developed patience, the capacity to effectively communicate, and adapt to every change in the system required proactively from every spectrum of my tutoring experience.

As someone with years of experience having gone through high school and universities, I understand the treacherous challenge of time management. I will do my best to accommodate those challenges in a manner that make things look easy and straightforward.

I happy to help VCE students with accounting and economics. I can also help students from primary to grade 8 with mathematics, science (physics, chemistry, biology, and English)

Location, availability and costs:

I am currently available all 7 days of the week so I will do my utmost best to accommodate my students into the best schedule possible!

I charge $55/hour and an extra of $10 if travel time becomes a factor. I am available to teach all around Melbourne but prefer all areas around Chadstone a bit more for all home visits.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me any time!

Interested in hiring Redwan to be your tutor?

Redwan F – Years 7-8, VCE Accounting and VCE Economics Tutor.